Hire an Affordable Mobile App Designer to Launch Your App

Smartphones have become one of the most useful devices among various other electronic gadgets. The core functionality of mobile phones other than making phone calls is to run a whole set of various attractive applications that serve almost all the imaginable purposes of its users.

Businesses of various genres from different corners of the world in the virtue of promoting its products and services have altered their marketing style of handing out leaflets, printing advertisements or hanging billboards to the domain of smartphones or mobiles.

An apt and affordable mobile app designer would make you write your company success story in a more efficient way.

A mobile application is a revolutionary tool that introduces your company’s core competencies in a direct manner among the audience. But it is due to the unique vision, pragmatic and nimble aesthetics of the mobile app designer that welcomes a memorable profit picture in your company.

Create A Loyalty Program Within Your Mobile App

Business is all about reciprocation. To increase the interaction level of the customers with your business in the intention of promoting sales and to provide a level of value to your customers that they might not be getting from anywhere else you must develop a good mobile application for your company. Continuous engagement and interaction with customers about your company’s products and services results in maximization of your company’s business. An affordable mobile app designer will also help your company to gain valuable points and help the customers get information about your company which will result to be a great deal for your business at the end of a financial session.

Various big international organizations use company mobile apps to reward their customers, share exclusive discounts and offer to motivate customers for buying mostly their products. Also, if your business mobile app has integrated payment options, you can add a better catchy curve to your business.

UI And UX Design of Mobile App Brings More Business

You must definitely keep one thing in mind that all those company mobile apps that are designed without UI/UX as a cardinal design aspect, such apps lead to a failure in the attempt of attracting target audience and in a way bring a fall in the business.

Attractive looks; quick and easy to navigate application; perfect colour coordination with the white spacing and highlighting company‘s core services; font style and icon; all such key points would boost user experience while they navigate through your mobile app.

For the success of your business along with usage of various marketing tools, you must hire an affordable mobile app designer who will understand your company’s business goals and would design the company mobile app in such a manner that will aid to render the best services to the customers in the fastest manner, hence, increasing the productivity of the business.

In the urge to develop a successful and user-friendly mobile app, get your appointment fixed with V1 Technologies, UK.

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Using Analytics Tools with Your Mobile App

Analytics tools give you an important information and statistics for user behavior on your mobile app. Numbers for total download for your mobile app, a source from which most users download your app, knowing an area from which maximum revenue is generated for your business and other user behavior can be understood with analytics tools. These numbers help you understand the areas in your business which require more attention and take better business decisions.

It tracks important keys like acquisition, activation, revenue, retention, and referral for you and results into better business insights. Let’s discuss some of the popular and powerful mobile analytics tools which can help you enhance your business insights.

Free Mobile App Analytics Tools:

Google Mobile App Analytics:

  • It is one of the best analytics tools and is enriched with lots of features. It easily gets integrated with Google Play and is easy to learn for experienced analytics users.
  • It supports both IOS and Android platforms. This tool is very promising and provides accurate results.
  • It helps you know which area in your mobile app is most enjoyed by users and which in-app revenue model they used and generated income for you. It tracks all your new users and which location they come from.
  • It also gives retention statistics of users and gets you crash reports for your mobile app and also tracks app speed for you.

Flurry Analytics

  • This analytics tool lets you create around 10 different dashboards. It provides detailed reports and helps you monitor multiple types of statistics.
  • It supports platforms like IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Java
  • It helps you track active users, user sessions, session lengths and their retention rate.
  • It allows filters like app version, dates, location, usage, session etc.
  • Flurry analytics is a bit confusing and it requires lots of clicks to find information.


  • Apsalar is going to become the most popular analytics tool for all the benefits it has for its users.
  • It supports platforms like IOS and Android.
  • It provides analytics over multiple apps and is complete in itself as it provides all the required analytics information.
  • It provides real-time data and tracks user’s engagement across time.
  • It has a customizable dashboard which allows you to prioritize data according to the one you want to see first.
  • It also allows you to create events and segments based on the user’s requirements.
  • It has free tools for measuring performance and tools for defining the target audience for advertising activities.

Asking Point

  • It supports unique system of reviews/polls along with providing mobile analytics.
  • It supports a platform like IOS and Android.
  • It provides analytics on App usage, Version, Demographics, and It allows you to create custom events which define how users used your mobile app.
  • It allows you to create users group according to app usage and send them a survey to rate your app.
  • It provides basic analytics and has fewer features as compared to other tools.

These free mobile analytics tools help you with accurate app metrics and give you data which can be used to enhance your mobile app performance and improve your audience count.

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Generating Business Reports with Your Mobile App

Every business requires organizing data in the intelligent form to get business insights and larger business statistics. Reporting tool does a wonderful work by creating graphs and charts which provides you important information regarding sales and other aspects of the business.

Why Your Mobile App Needs Reporting Tools?

  • Reporting tools help businesses find new opportunities
  • It helps find the most profitable aspect of the business
  • Creates customized reports for you
  • It helps the businesses understand the competitive circumstances and create adaptability over the market.
  • Useful for categorizing customers and vendors
  • Helps to track the payment systems

For all the above and many more benefits, every business needs a powerful reporting tool which provides the most accurate reports which will help them make better business decisions.

How to Choose an Appropriate Reporting Tool for your mobile app?

Reporting tool should have the following basic qualities which will enhance your application and provide you immense power over your business data and hence improve your business decisions.


Mobile app compatible reporting tools should be compatible with most of the modules in your application. With every transaction data is created. Hence, data fetching needs to be done from different modules for creating effective complex reports. A good reporting tool will have easy compatibility with every module and will fetch data efficiently.

The flexibility of Generating Reports with Different Parameters

Reporting tools for mobile app should be flexible enough for generating reports with various parameters to get a quick overview of business growth and focus on problem areas where the focus needs to be shifted.

Organizing data for a particular year, comparing the data for a number of years, fetching sales data between selected dates, fetching sales data for a particular month or year etc. are the various parameters which define the flexibility of generating reports. Hence, any selected reporting tool must be flexible enough to generate parameter-based reports.

Ease of Use

Reporting tools should be simple and easy to use. It should be simple enough to understand by a non-technical person and should provide reporting results with simple clicks. Only if it is easy to use, most of the benefits can be earned out of it.

Few Mobile BI Apps Which Can Create Best Reports for Your Business

Mobile BI basically organizes your data and creates intelligent data structures for you which you can use for taking better business decisions. It easily provides real-time sales details, customer data, and many other required details and enhances your business decisions. These Mobile Apps fit into your smartphone screen and help you access the data anytime, anywhere on your smartphone.

Roambi, MicroStrategy, Power View Mobile, Push BI, MobiWeave, Yellowfin, Jaspersoft, Cyfe are some of the business intelligence tools which provides business insights by easily fetching data from various aspects of business and generate important graphs for you. Some of these tools are web-based and can access the data anywhere and at any point in time.

These powerful tools provide analytics over social media, marketing, Google analytics and many more. It gets connected to the internal database and can easily connect internal and external databases for creating dashboards. Some of these tools support both Android and IOS. It provides all in one reporting facilities to business by providing a reporting platform for all kind of useful data reports.

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Mobile App Developers in Edinburgh Can Create Successful Apps for You

Every business aspires to have a little space on the web for obvious reasons of finding more discoverability among people. Being on web improves the possibility of increasing potential customers and provides a platform for promoting business. For striving through a number of competitive mobile apps, you need an app which has a unique concept, robust structure, safe payment integrations and effective visuals. Before you make a choice for mobile app developers in Edinburgh for building your business app, make sure they have enough sources for creating an efficient and successful mobile app for you.

Documenting the Mobile App Requirements

Before you hire the mobile app developers in Edinburgh for developing your mobile app, clarity with the App requirement is a must at your end. Purpose of the app, features, and functionality of the app defines the requirements. Requirements of the App completely depend on the industry, product, and services which your business provides to the customers.

It is important to check out similar apps related to your industry. This will help you know about the latest trends followed in mobile apps in your industry and you can include all the important requirements of your app. The decision for hiring a team or a freelance developer depends on the complexity of your app.

Hiring Experienced Professionals

Whether you hire a development firm or a freelance professional to develop your app, the first thing to check with them is the experience they have with similar kind of work. It becomes easy to elaborate the requirements and enhance the App with the latest trends when the developer has experience in building mobile apps which match with your business requirements.

Developing a mobile app requires good user experience for both the customer and the user. It requires a thorough knowledge of the industry, special technical skills, creativity and understanding the nature of the audience that will be using your mobile app. It is best to rely on experienced professionals than experimenting with new developers for developing a successful app.

Quality Check

One of the most important things to check before hiring the mobile app developers in Edinburgh is the quality of work they deliver. Many times, companies offering development solutions at low prices lack the quality of work. If you want to build a robust and successful app, consider a good budget and prefer experience and good quality work over money. Go through the previous user’s experience and work done by the company before hiring. And, select the skilled developers by yourself which you feel that suits best for working on your project. A good mobile app adds value to your brand and a reverse might affect your business in a negative way.

You can follow some standardized criteria for your developers like certifications in a specific technology or other credentials which defines the quality of knowledge and the skills of the developers. Checking with credits earned by the developers and the company can help you rely on them for your efficient App development.

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Marketing Strategies with Free Mobile Apps

If you think launching a free mobile app is the key to earn millions, you should know that there are a lot of factors to be considered before a free mobile app earns something for you. There are millions of apps in the app store which gets unnoticed because of inappropriate or lack of marketing strategies used with those apps.

The free download is preferred by most customers as compared to pay downloads. Hence offering a free download of a mobile app can increase your customer array and increase the chances of downloads. Gathering customers for your app is not an easy task and will require a planned strategy and sometimes investment to make people addicted to using your mobile app. Only when you have a huge happy customer count, your mobile app will gain popularity in the market and will help you earn money by advertising and also arise other money-making possibilities for you.

Improving App visibility:

There are millions of apps in the app store. So, making your mobile app visible to people when they scroll down the list in the app store is the first thing to consider. Most apps fail because they get unnoticed by customers. Appropriate app name and informative description is most important. The name of the Mobile App should be as catchy as possible and a proper description should help the customers evaluate the purpose of the app. Icons and screenshots are also important. Attractive and informative visuals encourage people to download mobile apps. Appropriate verbs used with visuals improve the download rate. The first thing they notice about an app is its Icon, name, and description. Hence it is worth spending time and money on making it as effective as possible.

Launching free version for Mobile Apps:

If you have something really interesting and useful to offer with your app and wish to take a download fee from the customers, launching a free version for your app can help you get more customers. You can let your customers experience your app and prompt them to download the paid version with more features once they get used to the free version. If your app is efficient enough to provide the ultimate user experience, converting them for upgrading or downloading the paid version becomes easy for you. This strategy is beneficial but you have to maintain the free as well as paid versions for your mobile app.

Introducing referral programs:

Referral programs are the new way to increase your customer count and this can increase the download rate tremendously. It works as a word of mouth and people like to get benefit out of it as it mostly involves monetary reward or free services. People refer it to friends and family and try to get the most out of it. And this, in turn, provides huge benefits to you as your app gains a lot of visibility. This strategy might need some investment but it provides good returns.

Choosing a marketing strategy totally depends on the purpose of your app. Your mobile app should provide convenience to customers in some way. The purpose of your app could be entertainment, service or resolving their day to day problems, selecting a marketing strategy completely depends on the purpose of your business and your targeted customers.

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With Rapid Development Tools, Mobile App Development Is In Your Hands

Small business finds it difficult to maintain a development team for developing a mobile app. With less budget and lack of technical knowledge about the platform required to build an app, there is always a fear of inappropriate guidance from the third party. If your app requirement is not very complicated, you do not have to rely on others’ opinion and can figure out your mobile app development solutions by yourself.

These days, a number of low code or no code tools are available which can create an app for you with simple drag and drop facility and provides numerous other features. Some of the tools are free for use and allows further customization as well. With so much ease with developing a mobile app, there is no reason for any business for not utilizing benefits of having a mobile app.

Open Source App Development Tools

Framework7, JQueryMobile, BuildFire.js, Ionic are some of the open source tools available for mobile app development. Let’s discuss benefits and limitations of using an open source development tool.


  • Free of cost
  • Free inbuilt plugins available for use
  • Easy and Quick Development


  • Detailed customization might require learning and expertise over tools and can be less convenient as compared to paid components.

Drag and Drop Featured App Development Tools

EachScape and BuildFire are no code development tools and allow you to build an app with simple drag and drop editor. It allows creating native apps for iOS and Android.


  • App development is possible without knowledge of coding.
  • Free to use while developing a mobile app.


  • You have to pay while you publish the mobile app created with these tools on App Stores
  • Might not fulfill requirements of very complicated features requiring mobile apps.

Low Code App Development Tools

Android Studio, Apple XCode is the most popular low code development tools. These tools offer a great platform to create native tools.


  • Both development platforms are a trusted source and offer strong technical support channel.
  • Best used for building native apps and hence provides access to device assets like Bluetooth, cam, message etc.


  • For complex app development, free available sources might not be enough if you lack technical knowledge for development.
  • With complicated features, proficiency over tool is required.

AppMachine, Appsmakerstore, the App Institute, Appy Pie, Mobin Cube etc. are some other low code development tools which help you to create low-cost mobile apps and are easy to use. Every tool you choose to use for development will have some benefits to offer and will have few drawbacks as well. If your mobile app doesn’t have any complex features, it is wise to use these tools and manage your development budget for building a mobile app. Spending little time understanding these tools and technology will help you make a clear decision and offer you benefits of owning a mobile app.

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Enrich your Mobile App with Artificial Intelligence

Mobile App has created a big revolution in every field and is enhancing business capabilities to reach more customers and providing more convenience each day. Where the use of mobile apps has become a new trend for buying things and getting services done, enriching your mobile app with AI features seems to be the most required thing to do. Many big IT companies have already started investing in AI implementation with Mobile Apps and are achieving wonderful results out of it.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machine for knowledge management, processing natural voice commands, 3D Scanning security systems, machine learning etc. AI basically defines a machine’s capability for intelligent behaviour.

With increasing trends for using smartphones, mobile apps are ought to accommodate AI in every aspect of development. Whenever we think about AI, Apples’ Siri comes to our mind. The idea of applying for a natural voice personal assistance while operating a mobile app seems to be the most promising way of enhancing the user experience. Think about the mobile app which takes food order as a voice command. Isn’t it an exciting and a convenient way to place an order online? Well, many giant food joints like Starbucks are already using such intelligence with their mobile applications and helping their customers with this amazing experience.

How Does It Improve Customer’s Experience?

Artificial intelligence helps customer’s engagement and increases their interest in using your app. It adds value to your business in every way and hence is a wise investment area for business who wants to grow and maintain success. With increasing competition and thousands of app placed in App Store, maintaining customers for your mobile app is not going to be easy and it needs a constant exploration and enhancement in every aspect. Use of AI with the mobile app is not limited to natural voice assistance but demands much more. Other possibilities are expected which create seamless intelligence while performing a task using a mobile app. Innovative features provided by AI reduces the chances of getting apps abandoned by customers.

Benefits of AI with Mobile Apps

  • AI helps earn the loyalty of customers by providing high standard security systems and helps secure monetary transactions for
  • AI is implemented with mobile apps with predictive intelligence which understands the customer’s area of interest as per their shopping history and hence list out the products accordingly. This inspires the customers to shop more and generates revenue for the business. It helps turn the prospects into customers by prompting them with products of their interest.
  • AI algorithms help business collect data effectively and generate the most valuable reports by analyzing competitive products, real-time profit data, current service trends followed by businesses and many more.

Mobile Apps are making life easy and artificial intelligence is surely adding a lot to it. Interactive mobile apps are the new trend and much more is expected by customers and business from the Mobile App Industry. Implementation of Artificial intelligence with mobile applications is the sure way to meet this expectation. It will encourage huge customer engagement, will help retain customers and is the most promising factor for business growth.

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Are You Using A Secured Mobile App?

Apps make life easy by providing the convenience of use anywhere and anytime. Many of them have found a place in your smartphones permanently and are used often. But are they really safe and secure? Many times we don’t even give it a thought before downloading it from the sources. Unsecured mobile apps can perform unimaginable harm by accessing your personal and valuable information. To avoid identity thefts, frauds, and other security issues, there are certain things that the Mobile App users need to take care of.

Using Secured Device: A good Mobile phone should have a robust inbuilt security. If by any chance your mobile security is not up to the mark or is damaged, you should be very careful about downloading a mobile app. If an app is not secured enough and is affected by malicious content, it can create a huge risk to your personal information.

Cautiously Choosing the App Download Source: Always choose a secure app download store for downloading an app. App stores have security policy with which every app must pass through, this decreases the risk of entering malicious content through the app in your device.

Update Device Software: It is very important to update the software in your device on a regular basis. Most people avoid running updates as it uses bandwidth, memory, and battery of the smartphones. This makes it more prone towards malicious treats and becomes easy targets for hackers.

How to Stay Secured?

  • However secure a mobile app you use, it is important to understand that threats can enter at your end too. It is important to know the secure ways to be taken care of to protect yourself from internet threats.
  • Do not use untrusted download sources for downloading mobile apps and other files. Apple restricts its users to download from iTunes only, but with Android-based phones, it is possible to download from Third party app. It recommends downloading from Google’s play store though.
  • Use password protection with your smartphone. If you lose your mobile, it will restrict the strangers or cyber thieves to get through the phone data directly. Use short time durations for password locks. Fingerprint detection can provide even more protection.
  • If you use mobile apps for transferring sensitive information and performing bank transaction more often, it is advisable to encrypt your data. Many phone devices have this facility inbuilt and add a protective layer to the users’ data.
  • Use anti-malware in your mobile device. It will alert you every time it comes in contact with a malicious content and restricts you from downloading such contents.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi while performing important transactions with your mobile apps. Public Wi-Fi is not safe enough and is prone to spoofing and threat activities. Using a secured VPN is advisable as it encrypts data while transmitting it over the web.
  • Use high-security You can set up a remote wipe on your smartphone. If you lose your phone or it gets stolen, you will be able to wipe up all the data from it using remote wipe. It also helps to find the location of your phone.


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Get a Beauty Salon App to Enjoy Business Growth in the UK

Wondering how a beauty salon app can help you with your business? Well, an app can contribute a lot to your business. On average thousands of pounds are spent by women in the UK on their beauty treatments within a year. You would surely not like to lose your online customers just because you don’t have an online mobile app for your customers’ convenience. Some of the benefits you get from a beauty salon app are listed below.

Service Information

Whatever services you provide to your customers, whether it’s a Hair Treatment, Massage, Facial or Pedicure, you can list out all your services offered in the library where it is easy to read and understand. You can describe all the products that will be used so that the customers get a clarity and choice. Besides, it reduces the hassle to explain everything over calls. Your service information can reach all your customers anytime they need which is not possible to do it over calls.

Better Management

For your salon business, you always need someone at the reception to take customers calls and manage appointments, someone has to answer all the queries that the customers have regarding all the services they want to take. A beauty salon app can manage this for you. Customers can select their preferred service and book an appointment online. Your beauty salon app if designed properly can show your time availability and the customers can book appointments for services accordingly. It reduces the efforts of customers to call and inquire as all the details are well mentioned in your app. It also reduces the waiting time for customers as they can book their appointment at your available time slot. It also notifies customers and reminds them about their appointment.

Promote Your Offers

Let your customers know about the discounts and special treatments offered over the season by highlighting it in your app. Your special offers will reach all your customers and you would not have to worry about calling people to tell them about your attractive weekend offers. This will help you earn the loyalty of your customers, they will surely get connected with you when they learn about it through your app.

Easy Payment Options

These days, people don’t like to carry cash in hand as there are online payment options available. With your Beauty Salon App, you can provide the facility for multiple payment options like cash, debit card, credit card or online payment wallet. This will provide great convenience to your customers for payment.

Advertise and Get Business

You can add real customers photos showing results from your beauty services which helps people understand the effect your service creates. You can add pictures which show off your hair and makeup talent which creates a good effect on customers and urge them to book your services for the same. You can also advertise salon products which encourage people to buy them from you and can get you a good business.

A beauty salon app can help you with better management of the business, provides various payment option facilities and help you track your customers. It is surely a big benefit to your business.

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Aspects to Consider by Mobile App Designers to Create the Best Design

Sometimes even the super talented mobile app designers run out of new ideas. Designing a perfect layout for a mobile app which everyone finds convenient and attractive is the biggest challenge for a designer. A good design demands an attractive layout, easy accessibility, and presentation. Consider the following discussed points before starting with any new design project, it might help you generate new effective designing techniques.

Plan Your Mobile App Design Strategy

Before starting with designing any new project, the most important part is to define the strategy of design. Whatever you add to your design, it should create a harmony among itself. Designs should deliver a clear purpose. Each page in your app should have a specific purpose to serve and it should stick to that purpose only.

Content Typography

Content is an important part of your mobile app and so is its typography. Font Styles, Font colours, and size that you choose, make a big difference. It encourages customers to read the content on your mobile app. Inappropriate font colours and too big or too small fonts can degrade the user experience of exploring information on your app. These days, people tend to use their smartphones more as compared to a computer and hence use of responsive typography helps you to serve our customers with adaptive contents which adjust according to the screen size.

Tools Selection by the Mobile App Designers

If you want to create the best, you got to have the best tools with you. Compromising with tool quality can never let you create the best quality product. You must know about your tool efficiency before you start your designing. The best tools and your skills for making the best out of those tools can give you superpowers to create designs beyond the imagination of others. Your design thus becomes an inspiration to others and gives an extraordinary popularity to your mobile app design.

Implementing Iconography

As the screen size is decreasing, adjusting your content to a smaller screen size is a big challenge and the most required thing to do. It is not a good idea to replace many words with symbolic icons but definitely, it can be used when you are counting on saving a good space. Iconography, if smartly used can create a wonderful effect on your content and make your page links easily accessible and understandable.

Consider Your User Experience

In the last few years, business has understood that one of the key factors of success is to understand their users’ experience. Customers’ comfort, while they use your mobile app, defines the success of its design. It must enhance their experience of using your app and should encourage them to use it again. You got to understand the mentality, behaviour and the motivating factor of your customers, which will help you upgrade their experience constantly by updating your design for delivering great user experience.

In this competitive era, simplicity and ease provided by your design can help you succeed over your competitors. It’s not just about arranging the content, fonts, and icons but it is more about telling a story about your product and service to your customers in the most delightful way.

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