Hire a Cheap Mobile App Designer UK to Launch an App for Your Business

A mobile app is an essential tool to keep the users engaged in any business or any services. A mobile app provides convenience and comfort to its users to do various work. Whether it is to purchase anything, or book flight and hotel reservations, booking a table at a restaurant, ordering food for home delivery, or purchasing things from e-commerce platforms, a mobile app comes handy to all of them. So, if you run a business and want to reach out to the mass, then launching a mobile app is the first thing you need to do. And, for that, you need to find a cheap mobile app designer in the UK who would be professional enough to do the work perfectly.

A mobile app for your business will help you in managing the customer’s database. It will help you stay in direct touch with them. You can send them various offers and discounts directly.  This will also enable the customers to provide a feedback so that you can work on them accordingly to improve your product as well as services.

There are ways to look for a cheap mobile app designer UK without compromising on the quality of work and services. Let’s discuss here the points you need to consider while hiring the mobile app developer.


While looking for a cheap mobile app designer UK, you should always emphasize on the skills which the designer possess. For, the quality should never be compromised. There are many companies who provide good work at a cheaper rate than the rest of the companies in the market.

Latest Technology:

A mobile app should be developed on the latest technological platforms. This is mainly because the technology is evolving every day. So if your app is based on a technology which is backdated, it will not perform properly on the latest mobile devices.


The design of the mobile app should also be attractive so that the users find it convenient while using it. The designs should be made based on the targeted audience and their preferences and the final outcome which you want from the mobile app for your business.

App for all Platforms:

You should get the mobile app for your business launched on both Android and iOS platforms. If you want to reach out to more people, then the mobile app should be built for both the platforms. And the mobile app designer should make sure that it runs seamlessly on them.

User Experience:

A good user experience is what everyone looks for in whatever they do. If the consumers find it easy and comfortable while using the app, they will keep it installed on their mobile device and also they would refer your app to the people around them. This will help you foster your business more.


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Top 4 Affordable Mobile App Designer Tools for Creating a Stunning App

Affordable mobile app designers are on a look for the correct tool that can make their mobile app designs worthwhile for the users. To develop a valuable mobile application, it requires creativity, top-notch skill, and the correct tool. Have a look at the top affordable mobile app designer tools:


Organizing sustainable icons could not get this better. IconJar enables to store and upload all the icons at one place from which you get the option to search and drag and drop from them to your specific project in Photoshop or Sketch. Searching, uploading and dropping in icons several times can be really time-consuming and stressful, however, IconJar is a designer app that eliminates all this hassle. Now, you are also bestowed with the chance to organize thousands and thousands of icons at one place – then you are required to drag and drop your required project on the Illustrator, Photoshop, and Sketch.

However, you will also be given the chance to upload .ai and .sketch files.


If you want to create a powerful UX without code and carry on the entire process from development to design the “Agile” manner, all in one position. UXPin is just your thing. For the creation of high-end fidelity prototypes and wireframes, UXPin – a drag and drop UX and UI design tool is your choice. This is the tool that allows you to perform your design in the program or either Sketch or Photoshop and then import the same to the UXPin. Through this affordable mobile app designer tool, you can create an interactive wireframe and workflow within a short span of time. Since this tool has a lot of built-in elements in it, you are not restricted for a bit even. Also, you can experiment with more than thousand built-in elements that are for mobile, desktop and web products.


Zeplin is a great collaborative tool for developers and designers. It goes far beyond workflow and design – which enable the affordable mobile designers to create a masterpiece. This tool allows you to upload your specific visual design and wireframe from Sketch and Photoshop and add the same to the project folder in the Zeplin App. Structuring the specific document and then reiterating it every time seems to be a tedious job but with Zeplin, you do not require to do the same. The developers do not require to wait till the affordable mobile app designers finish the design before getting the ultimate spec, as the developers can be introduced to the same process early enough. Also, annotations are provided for the uploaded file from Photoshop and Sketch.


InVision is an app that allows you to upload your design file and infuse it with animations, transitions, and gestures so as to twirl and turn your static prototypes into a clickable or interactive prototype. It also assists you to manage and guide your workflow with effective collaboration.

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Why Hire Affordable Mobile App Designers to Create a Mobile App?

Mobile devices have become an integral part of people’s lives. For a lot of things can be done through a mobile app. For business whether big or small, a mobile app helps in garnering new customers, service them better, and eventually help in retaining the customers. The whole process yields into an increased profit margin and business growth. So if you have a business and you still do not have a mobile app for your business, then this is the time you should get one. You can get an amazing mobile app launched for your business by hiring affordable mobile app designers.

The whole process of launching a mobile app is the outcome of a teamwork of specialists. They are both mobile app designers and developers who work in tandem to create the app apt for your business. It is always important to include all the aspects while building the mobile app considering your type of business, the targeted customers, the age group of the people and their geographical location.

There are a few features which should be considered by the mobile app designers while designing and developing a mobile app:

Platform for Which the App Built:

It is of utmost importance to know for which platform the app is built for. The developers work differently for Android and iOS platform. The work should be done in such a way so that the app performs smoothly and seamlessly on all the devices irrespective of its size and shape. Many affordable mobile app designers can give you a good budget for the same.

The complexity of the Mobile App:

A mobile app should be built based on a lot of aspects. And, it depends on the outcome you want from the app. Whether you want a simple app or a complex one. It depends on the latest technology, the number of pages or screens included in it and how good a data storage system required for the same. A lot goes into developing an app.

Features to be Included:

The features to be included in an app are very important. Different business opts for different features. This also depends on the type of business you run.

Payment Gateway:

The in-app payment gateway plays a vital role in a mobile app. Integrating the payment processing platform is a complex feature in an app. As the customers need to make a payment for purchasing something through the app, their payment experience should be smooth.

Targeted Customers:

If you hire affordable mobile app designers, you need to discuss with them about the outcome you want from your app. The targeted customers, their age group, and the geographical location needs to be considered while making the designs.

The Budget:

The budget for an app is based on its complexity. The features to be included, the technology based on which it would be created, if there is a payment gateway to be included, they all add to the complexity of the app. And the budget depends on all these aspects.

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3 Affordable Mobile App Designer Tools

Generally, the designers are always on a lookout for an apt and Affordable Mobile App Designer tool that will make their designs worthwhile for the users who are using it. Developing an inestimable mobile app requires a great deal of creativity, skill and of course an apt and Affordable Mobile App Designer tool. This is one of the top reasons delineating as to why the companies are putting in the good amount of money to build a user-friendly mobile app design.

Below are top 3 and Affordable Mobile App Designer Tools used by the designers today – to provide a user-friendly experience.


If you are looking to design a prototype and collaborating the same with your immediate team then Marvel is best for you. Marvel makes it possible for you to synchronize your designs from various other tools like Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator easily. It can even synchronize the designs stored on Dropbox, Google Drive, and cloud storage.

Accordingly, you can also add your designs from distinct tools and utilize Marvel to make it come alive with all the feasible features. Needless to even comment, the designer will not need to buy any other Designer tool for their need. As Marvel could easily design, collaborate and prototype, it is your one-stop solution for all your designer related needs.


Proto.io comes with a lot of prototype and design templates. An Affordable Mobile App Designer tool, Proto.io is easy to use because it requires no coding. More importantly, you can import all your UI components into it ranging from Photoshop to Sketch. You can also utilize the timeline feature for generating a cool animation show to delineate the flow of your app across distinct verticals. The app represents a simple and elegant look. This is not the end, Proto.io has a lot more than this. If you have assets in Dropbox or Google Drive then Proto.io allows you to synchronize them easily to assist you to simplify your flow of work. These interesting features of Proto.io cannot be left out – though it is just a web app, you can work with only when you are online. Moreover, Proto.io is a browser-based prototyping tool for which you do not require to download any heavy software. You can directly start it by signing in. You will be given fifteen days free trial period after which you require to pay to use the tool.

Origami Studio

Origami Studio is a standalone interface designer tool which is developed by the engineers of Facebook and has been used by the social media platform – Facebook to design the app for Facebook like the Facebook Messenger and Instagram and now it is available to the local users for free. Origami, a complex tool with amazing functionalities, can assist you to preview your app prototype. The tool can also allow you to copy and paste the layers from Sketch and can get them working in the Origami tool. If you wish to show your designs to your clients, you can easily record the same prototype and send it quickly to anyone through the Origami app. Another interesting function of Origami is that it can easily connect with your iOS and Android devices to preview it and visualize the changes, thereby enabling you to work on it later.

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Design App for Business by Affordable Mobile App Designers in Scotland

Technical advancement is an ongoing process. You are not far away from experiencing the magic of technology. Be it the newer eco-friendly cars replacing older fleet or older bulky phones being replaced by smartphones.The world is evolving at never-seen-before pace. Businesses are no longer confined to brick and mortar stores. They have spawned newer mediums especially the online domain. The simple fact is there are more people around you than ever using a variety of apps for their needs. You should start promoting your business online or else you would find that you are losing a huge chunk of your prospective customers. Once you want an app for your business you need affordable mobile app designers in Scotland to help you create an app for your business. Always keep in mind the following points while launching a mobile app.

Space crunch

The visibility of an app is restricted to the small space between your thumb and index finger. Space thus is of utmost importance. You must understand that bulky or lengthy write-ups are not going to do the trick. You need to be brief and to the point of being precise. Promote only those things that you do best. Let the customer enquire whether you do other things as well as about your premium offering. A simple app is very efficient in grabbing the attention of the audience.


The user interface needs to be kept simple. The app should not be too big so as to hinder the navigation. It should not be too small that it becomes inefficient in showcasing your company. The background can be kept dark to help conserve batteries. Lighter backgrounds tend to consume more energy. A clear layout helps the user to get to his or her choice of products with minimal steps.

Website bulk

The main difference between an app and a website is that the website is bloated with additional content. A simple app thus efficiently cater to the end user only. The apps tend to be more personal, help the user buy or like a product with minimum fuss. The speed of buying a product tends to help close deals faster and more regularly. The better the app the more ratings it will garner on the app marketplaces. This will showcase itself as the barometer of a good business.


Getting affordable mobile app designers in Scotland is now made easy with “V1 Technologies”. They are the pioneers in the app development sphere and providing affordable mobile app designers in Scotland for a variety of portfolios. You can count on their expertise in delivering a great mobile app. They will help you get more from your business while keeping your customers happy. Their delighted clientele is spread all across the UK and speak in glowing terms about their professionalism. You could do no better than call them up for a free consultation now.

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Take Your Business to New Heights with an Affordable iPad App Design

A product like an iPad needs no introduction. It is a wonderfully designed sleek device for the people on the go. Using its much-heralded apple store platform and music store it has given us a new perspective on how we see things. It’s a small patch of a highly productive piece of technology for developers as well as users. The iPad app store is one of the most sought-after reality in the world. Any business that wants to provide services and market them efficiently, needs to launch an affordable iPad app design. There are multiple reasons why you need apps to support your business and to do that you need a good designer.

Specific information

When you use an app, it is clear that you only require very specific information. You will need to align these small bits of information only. Small readable lines and effective pointers for the highlights of your app. An iPad app requires a very specific layout. Clear lines of demarcation and highlights are used. For a similar web page, the layout is preferably kept white to give it that clear and clean look. Similar page in an app is used on a dark background with highlights used as pointers. This is advantageous as it consumes less power from an already stressed power source that is the iPad battery. You can contact the professionals for an affordable iPad app design.

Multiple entries without logging

You are well aware that an app usually has less of logging-in hassle. This is because it is homed onto the user system and requires a set of permissions to function optimally. You will see people using apps multiple times for similar uses in a short time. This increases the functionality of the app against the website. Besides, a user is free to open and close the app as many times as they wish without feeding in their user details each time. This improves usability and requires less time.

Newer platforms

Newer ways are being constantly used to promote and market business. Ideally, the operating system on your phone gets updated frequently. This creates a problem as older apps tend to become obsolete. You always should harness the newer operating systems and build apps based on them. Create these apps always with a thought about the future. You will need a skilled designer to who can help you with an affordable iPad app design.

Location-specific apps are a new way of promoting your business. You can reach out to your immediate customers and offer them your products and services. You will require smart and specific skills from people like V1 Technologies UK. They are well versed with the latest solutions offered by app markets and deliver a cost-effective solution for your business. All kinds of apps from simple to complex can be designed by their experts. They pride themselves on delivering solutions for a wide variety of business and in industry leading time scale. Get into the app mode to deliver the renewed push your business requires to scale newer heights. know more

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3 Benifits of Mobile App Design in UK

We are living in the best of times. There is no denying the fact that newer advancements in technology and science have made our lives better than our ancestors. Research reveals that we have generated more data in the past few years than in the past millennia. Data for anything is available at our fingertips. Rapidly expanding businesses have to embrace newer technologies or risk being left on the sidewalk. You need to develop the ease of business for your customers. The demand of the industry is focussing more on retaining customers and gaining a steady stream of new customers. By focusing on a few primary steps, you could opt for a mobile app design that presents your business in a never seen light to the users.

Good Impression

First impressions last a long time. Any business needs to create a great impact with a good impression at the very first time of asking. Smart positioning of your business and helping customers understand the USP of your business is paramount.  You need to present all that is good about the business and how you move in the niche that makes you stand apart. Creating an impression upfront using your business app highlights everything about your business at a glance. The app itself becomes the embodiment of your business. Create that unfaltering impression at the first attempt itself by taking help from mobile app designers by creating a flawless mobile app design in  UK.


Smart looking interfaces highlight the unique approach of your business. Meaningful typography and smart layout influence the user. Improving on small details creates value. Usage of color and easy –to-read fonts present the app in a better light.The better the interface of the app the better the business is positioned in front of the user. Attention to minute details creates a vivid picture in front of the user, inadvertently the superb navigation is bound to create user delight. This delight goes a long way to establish a business in the user’s mind. A delighted user becomes a customer with little persuasion.

Accurate Icons

Icons used in the app play a vital role in establishing a visual impact on the user. Semantically placed icons with accurate cryptography will improve the user experience. Strategic placing of icons helps better navigation. Popup-free navigation leads to multiple facets of the apps. The more a user navigates, the better their experience of the business and that is how they stand to benefit from them. Mobile app design in the UK has become obvious for each business.


You can come with a designer who can create a good mobile app design in the UK but for a great app, call on V1 technologies the UK. V1 Technologies is renowned for developing the best mobile app designs in the UK. They come with the expertise of many man hours developing the best apps in the market. Keen intellect and unfaltering desire drive them to deliver that extra edge in their each and every development. They are new age people who understand user preference like no other. They help a business to create a seamless amalgamation of its virtual and real world principles. Trust design and development from V1 Technologies to always deliver on your commitments.

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Create Your Brand’s Identity withCheap App Developmentby the Experts:

Modernity has dictated increased migration from desktops and laptops to mobiles. These mobiles increasingly dictate the type of engagement you have with your existing and prospective customer. Nowadays, apps define the identity of a business even before there is an interaction between the customer and the business in general.  The more engaging and user-friendly the apps are, the higher chances of the business moving forward. You can no longer deny that internet and internet based applications are creating newer avenues for growth. It is important to keep the following in mind for any business before you engage in a cheap app development for your customers.

Building an online identity

Earlier the business used to be promoted by putting ads on various media highlighting the USP of the business. With the increased advent and usability of internet enabled devices, customers of all generations are migrating to it. The onus is now on the businesses to keep up with the trend or be marginalized. So, you need to go for a cheap app development while maintaining its quality parameters. Creating a presence online through apps has become a norm for customer engagement. This, in turn, helps, build the profile and create the niche identity craved by most companies. The scale of business is being increasingly overlooked, with more importance given to B2B or B2C engagements.

Valid customer database

A cheap app development is advantageous as it helps business get a ready database to work with. Sales to interested customers gains as the apps educate them on the product and/or services offered. As the customer continues to use it more, their interest of the customer can be gauged. This helps in having a clear indication of the type, quality, and services/products people are interested in. The sales pitch can thus be designed to suit the customers, increasing the chances of closing the deal. Also, repeat customers are aware of the services and can directly interact with the business resulting in an increased number of sales.


Every customer has their own choices. A responsible business needs to address the individual requirements under one umbrella without looking too generic. The growth of a business depends on adapting to the customer needs. Your business must customize its approach to every customer query, in turn, treating them as unique. Customization will help foster the bond between both the teams involved.  Also, the brand awareness and loyalty to the business will increase hugely after you go for an app development.


Achieving the above requirements is easier said than done. A good app represents the profile of the company to the customer even before any dialogue begins. It is thus imperative that your company is represented in a profoundly professional way. Technology firms like V1 Technologies are among the few which can achieve this balance repeatedly. They pride themselves in bringing their customers’ voice to the fore and becoming synonymous with cheap app development. They have excellent staffs who take care of the design, development, and implementation meticulously. They have keen insight of the markets, all gained while working with various industry segments. You need to move fast to gain the advantage in this age, so better start now.

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5 Reasons Why Website Developments Important for Your Business

A website is a platform through which a company, organisation or an enterprise communicate to the audiences who visit the website. Website development is the first step towards reaching out to people.A website can have information about things, products, services or it can work as a platform to sell commodities. The easiest and the quickest way to get access to any information about any organization is via their website. Therefore, the website is very important in terms of advertising, marketing, or creating awareness amongst people about a company.Creating an online presence via a fully functional website helps in establishing a brand’s identity, business promotion, and market expansion. It helps in reaching millions of people or prospective customers in one go.

Here are the reasons why a website development helps in business growth:

  1. Online presence builds brands identity:Considering the internet usage by people from all over the world for all their needs, creating an online presence for any business or organization is very important nowadays. A website is the simplest platform to create a brand’s People look for information about any company, services or products offered by them via a website. It is a tool which can be accessed from anywhere I the world.


  1. Easier and cost effective way to market and advertise about the organization:Advertising about an enterprise via a website is the most cost-effective A whole lot of information can be showcased on the website which cannot be done in the traditional way of advertisement.The website development professionals can help your business by creating a beautiful and engaging website with the right amount of information.


  1. The quickestway to reach millions of people across all time zones:A website can be accessed by anyone from any part of the world at any point of time. Its accessibility round the clock increases its reach to many people at the same time.Website development has become very important to be able to reach all your targeted customers.


  1. Helps in building relationships with the customers: A website is not just a bundle of information, it is a platform of interaction between an organization and the audience who visit the website. The more interaction happens, chances of them becoming a customer increases.


  1. Increases sales and eventually profit margin: A website is a powerful platform as it provides a lot of information about products or services. This helps the customers to get a thorough understanding of what the company offers and make up a mind to buy that. More the customers buy the products, more profits it will yield to the company.


For all your website development requirements, you can reach the professionals of V1Technologies. For, V1 Technologies has years of experience in this trade and have designed and developed thousands of responsive, fully functional and high-performancecross-platform websites for various clients. V1 can proudly announce that they have a large pool of happy and satisfied customers from all different backgrounds. Their professionalism, positive attitude, years of experience and innovative approach made them the best in the trade. And, they offer you the best and the most cost effective rates in the market while creating the most attractive and stunning websites for you.

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The Role of Mobile App Designers for Business Enterprises

Mobile App designerA mobile app is the most widely and extensively used platform for doing a lot of things; such as buying commodities, booking movie tickets, making hotel reservations, hire a car, making reservations at a restaurant, buying flights or train tickets and much more. These days people carry their mobile phones all the time with them, which is why mobile apps have become the easiest and the quickest way to do a lot of things any time of the day and from the convenience of being anywhere in the world. This helps people save a lot of time as they are able to do the things with just a few clicks on their mobile phones.

For companies, promoting their business and reaching out to a large section of people is done through mobile advertising, which can be done through a responsive mobile website or a mobile app. It is a very effective way to approach the consumers from all across the world. Marketing through a mobile app is a very cost effective and budget friendly way to reach people from all the nations directly.

Here is how a mobile app designer can help a business enterprise in its growth:

  1. A professional mobile app designer can design and develop an attractive and engaging app so the user remains hooked on to it. The more time people spend on the app, chances are more for sales conversion.
  2. A nicely crafted mobile app can provide the users with a seamless experience while making a purchase, booking tickets or making reservations online.
  3. A mobile app designer can design and develop apps which can work on both iOS and Android platforms. This is a very important aspect that any business should focus on as consumers nowadays use both Android and iPhones.
  4. A good mobile app should cover all the aspects that a business enterprise wants to showcase to its prospective customers.  If the app provides more detailed information about all the products or services, conversion from prospective customers to customers happen quickly.
  5. An experienced and professional mobile app designer can create and launch an app which would provide seamless navigational experience to the people using the app. A good user experience helps in spreading the word-of-mouth which eventually makes new users download the app on their mobile device.
  6. A proficient and expert mobile app designer can accommodate a lot of high-resolution display features for the users to get all the detailed information and enhance their knowledge about the business, the products, and services which they offer.


If you are looking for a good mobile app designer for developing an app for your business, you have just come to the right place – V1Technologies. V1 Technologies has a team of highly qualified and professional mobile app designers. Our team members are fully dedicated to creating the most beautiful, attractive and stunning apps which would perform seamlessly across all the mobile platforms. They take pleasure in creating a masterpiece every time they indulge themselves in developing an app. Moreover, V1 Technologies offer you the most competitive rates in the market along with its 24 hours dedicated customer service team to assist you with anything and everything.

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