Enrich your Mobile App with Artificial Intelligence

Mobile App has created a big revolution in every field and is enhancing business capabilities to reach more customers and providing more convenience each day. Where the use of mobile apps has become a new trend for buying things and getting services done, enriching your mobile app with AI features seems to be the most required thing to do. Many big IT companies have already started investing in AI implementation with Mobile Apps and are achieving wonderful results out of it.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machine for knowledge management, processing natural voice commands, 3D Scanning security systems, machine learning etc. AI basically defines a machine’s capability for intelligent behaviour.

With increasing trends for using smartphones, mobile apps are ought to accommodate AI in every aspect of development. Whenever we think about AI, Apples’ Siri comes to our mind. The idea of applying for a natural voice personal assistance while operating a mobile app seems to be the most promising way of enhancing the user experience. Think about the mobile app which takes food order as a voice command. Isn’t it an exciting and a convenient way to place an order online? Well, many giant food joints like Starbucks are already using such intelligence with their mobile applications and helping their customers with this amazing experience.

How Does It Improve Customer’s Experience?

Artificial intelligence helps customer’s engagement and increases their interest in using your app. It adds value to your business in every way and hence is a wise investment area for business who wants to grow and maintain success. With increasing competition and thousands of app placed in App Store, maintaining customers for your mobile app is not going to be easy and it needs a constant exploration and enhancement in every aspect. Use of AI with the mobile app is not limited to natural voice assistance but demands much more. Other possibilities are expected which create seamless intelligence while performing a task using a mobile app. Innovative features provided by AI reduces the chances of getting apps abandoned by customers.

Benefits of AI with Mobile Apps

  • AI helps earn the loyalty of customers by providing high standard security systems and helps secure monetary transactions for
  • AI is implemented with mobile apps with predictive intelligence which understands the customer’s area of interest as per their shopping history and hence list out the products accordingly. This inspires the customers to shop more and generates revenue for the business. It helps turn the prospects into customers by prompting them with products of their interest.
  • AI algorithms help business collect data effectively and generate the most valuable reports by analyzing competitive products, real-time profit data, current service trends followed by businesses and many more.

Mobile Apps are making life easy and artificial intelligence is surely adding a lot to it. Interactive mobile apps are the new trend and much more is expected by customers and business from the Mobile App Industry. Implementation of Artificial intelligence with mobile applications is the sure way to meet this expectation. It will encourage huge customer engagement, will help retain customers and is the most promising factor for business growth.

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Are You Using A Secured Mobile App?

Apps make life easy by providing the convenience of use anywhere and anytime. Many of them have found a place in your smartphones permanently and are used often. But are they really safe and secure? Many times we don’t even give it a thought before downloading it from the sources. Unsecured mobile apps can perform unimaginable harm by accessing your personal and valuable information. To avoid identity thefts, frauds, and other security issues, there are certain things that the Mobile App users need to take care of.

Using Secured Device: A good Mobile phone should have a robust inbuilt security. If by any chance your mobile security is not up to the mark or is damaged, you should be very careful about downloading a mobile app. If an app is not secured enough and is affected by malicious content, it can create a huge risk to your personal information.

Cautiously Choosing the App Download Source: Always choose a secure app download store for downloading an app. App stores have security policy with which every app must pass through, this decreases the risk of entering malicious content through the app in your device.

Update Device Software: It is very important to update the software in your device on a regular basis. Most people avoid running updates as it uses bandwidth, memory, and battery of the smartphones. This makes it more prone towards malicious treats and becomes easy targets for hackers.

How to Stay Secured?

  • However secure a mobile app you use, it is important to understand that threats can enter at your end too. It is important to know the secure ways to be taken care of to protect yourself from internet threats.
  • Do not use untrusted download sources for downloading mobile apps and other files. Apple restricts its users to download from iTunes only, but with Android-based phones, it is possible to download from Third party app. It recommends downloading from Google’s play store though.
  • Use password protection with your smartphone. If you lose your mobile, it will restrict the strangers or cyber thieves to get through the phone data directly. Use short time durations for password locks. Fingerprint detection can provide even more protection.
  • If you use mobile apps for transferring sensitive information and performing bank transaction more often, it is advisable to encrypt your data. Many phone devices have this facility inbuilt and add a protective layer to the users’ data.
  • Use anti-malware in your mobile device. It will alert you every time it comes in contact with a malicious content and restricts you from downloading such contents.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi while performing important transactions with your mobile apps. Public Wi-Fi is not safe enough and is prone to spoofing and threat activities. Using a secured VPN is advisable as it encrypts data while transmitting it over the web.
  • Use high-security You can set up a remote wipe on your smartphone. If you lose your phone or it gets stolen, you will be able to wipe up all the data from it using remote wipe. It also helps to find the location of your phone.


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Get a Beauty Salon App to Enjoy Business Growth in the UK

Wondering how a beauty salon app can help you with your business? Well, an app can contribute a lot to your business. On average thousands of pounds are spent by women in the UK on their beauty treatments within a year. You would surely not like to lose your online customers just because you don’t have an online mobile app for your customers’ convenience. Some of the benefits you get from a beauty salon app are listed below.

Service Information

Whatever services you provide to your customers, whether it’s a Hair Treatment, Massage, Facial or Pedicure, you can list out all your services offered in the library where it is easy to read and understand. You can describe all the products that will be used so that the customers get a clarity and choice. Besides, it reduces the hassle to explain everything over calls. Your service information can reach all your customers anytime they need which is not possible to do it over calls.

Better Management

For your salon business, you always need someone at the reception to take customers calls and manage appointments, someone has to answer all the queries that the customers have regarding all the services they want to take. A beauty salon app can manage this for you. Customers can select their preferred service and book an appointment online. Your beauty salon app if designed properly can show your time availability and the customers can book appointments for services accordingly. It reduces the efforts of customers to call and inquire as all the details are well mentioned in your app. It also reduces the waiting time for customers as they can book their appointment at your available time slot. It also notifies customers and reminds them about their appointment.

Promote Your Offers

Let your customers know about the discounts and special treatments offered over the season by highlighting it in your app. Your special offers will reach all your customers and you would not have to worry about calling people to tell them about your attractive weekend offers. This will help you earn the loyalty of your customers, they will surely get connected with you when they learn about it through your app.

Easy Payment Options

These days, people don’t like to carry cash in hand as there are online payment options available. With your Beauty Salon App, you can provide the facility for multiple payment options like cash, debit card, credit card or online payment wallet. This will provide great convenience to your customers for payment.

Advertise and Get Business

You can add real customers photos showing results from your beauty services which helps people understand the effect your service creates. You can add pictures which show off your hair and makeup talent which creates a good effect on customers and urge them to book your services for the same. You can also advertise salon products which encourage people to buy them from you and can get you a good business.

A beauty salon app can help you with better management of the business, provides various payment option facilities and help you track your customers. It is surely a big benefit to your business.

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Aspects to Consider by Mobile App Designers to Create the Best Design

Sometimes even the super talented mobile app designers run out of new ideas. Designing a perfect layout for a mobile app which everyone finds convenient and attractive is the biggest challenge for a designer. A good design demands an attractive layout, easy accessibility, and presentation. Consider the following discussed points before starting with any new design project, it might help you generate new effective designing techniques.

Plan Your Mobile App Design Strategy

Before starting with designing any new project, the most important part is to define the strategy of design. Whatever you add to your design, it should create a harmony among itself. Designs should deliver a clear purpose. Each page in your app should have a specific purpose to serve and it should stick to that purpose only.

Content Typography

Content is an important part of your mobile app and so is its typography. Font Styles, Font colours, and size that you choose, make a big difference. It encourages customers to read the content on your mobile app. Inappropriate font colours and too big or too small fonts can degrade the user experience of exploring information on your app. These days, people tend to use their smartphones more as compared to a computer and hence use of responsive typography helps you to serve our customers with adaptive contents which adjust according to the screen size.

Tools Selection by the Mobile App Designers

If you want to create the best, you got to have the best tools with you. Compromising with tool quality can never let you create the best quality product. You must know about your tool efficiency before you start your designing. The best tools and your skills for making the best out of those tools can give you superpowers to create designs beyond the imagination of others. Your design thus becomes an inspiration to others and gives an extraordinary popularity to your mobile app design.

Implementing Iconography

As the screen size is decreasing, adjusting your content to a smaller screen size is a big challenge and the most required thing to do. It is not a good idea to replace many words with symbolic icons but definitely, it can be used when you are counting on saving a good space. Iconography, if smartly used can create a wonderful effect on your content and make your page links easily accessible and understandable.

Consider Your User Experience

In the last few years, business has understood that one of the key factors of success is to understand their users’ experience. Customers’ comfort, while they use your mobile app, defines the success of its design. It must enhance their experience of using your app and should encourage them to use it again. You got to understand the mentality, behaviour and the motivating factor of your customers, which will help you upgrade their experience constantly by updating your design for delivering great user experience.

In this competitive era, simplicity and ease provided by your design can help you succeed over your competitors. It’s not just about arranging the content, fonts, and icons but it is more about telling a story about your product and service to your customers in the most delightful way.

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Tips to Get More Web Design Projects in the UK

For a startup organization as well as for an established web designing company, the most important thing is to attract new clients and get your work noticed by people who are possible prospects for you.

Many people prefer to outsource their design work through online websites and hence such websites have become an important source of income for web designers. But converting those prospects into customers is a challenge for most of the website designers. These tips can help you stand out from your competitors.

Work On Your Portfolio

You must learn to show what web design skills you have in your kitty. However talented you are; you talents and skills might get unnoticed if not presented correctly to the audience. Create an online portfolio which includes all the designing specialties you can offer to your customers.

Pre Define All Your Terms and Conditions

Before starting to work with any new client, be straight and specific about all your company terms and conditions. Do not agree for any term which you will not be able to fulfill later. It’s better not to start then leaving the work undone because of professional grudges. Your public dealing attitude counts a lot for attracting more projects in future. Before starting any project go through the following the checklist.

  • Make sure the customer checks your portfolio.
  • Let them know your charges and ask them for their budget for the project.
  • Decide on the timeline. Make sure you will be able to manage the work on time with your current ongoing projects.
  • Decide on team requirement. You need to have enough team strength to allot and distribute the workload of the new project effectively.
  • Divide the projects into a milestone. Make the payment terms clear on completion of each milestone.

Have a Plan

Before starting with any project, it is important to define the idea and logic for the design. It is important to study the subject and check out the features built in the past so that you can get an idea to create a better version for the same subject. The most effective way is to have a sketch designed before developing it on the web. Make use of software like Photoshop that helps you create images before developing your design. Get approval for your designs from your clients, making changes to images is easy and gives your client a better picture of where your ideas surround.

Work Smart

One way to deal while working on the project is to discuss the requirements in words and start developing the project. This might lead you to complete misconception of requirements and you may end up disappointing your customer. While the smart way to deal with the development of the project is creating sample structures for the requirement which you had discussed with your client. Create images for the discussed features and get it approved by your customer. Preferably create 3-4 designs, so that you can give them better options and clear understanding of the project outcome.

Organizing yourself a bit, smart work, dedication and efficient work are sure keys to win more clients and grow your business.

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Technical aspects of Mobile App Development for Your Business in the UK

A Mobile Application can add a great value to your business and has brought a huge revolution in every industry. When making a decision of opting for a mobile app development for your business excites you about the profits and positive changes it will bring to your business, choosing the right technology for the same can be challenging.

Before considering the technical aspects of building a mobile app, it is important to document the various factors which will help you decide the best technology for use. Some of them are as follows:

  • Features of the mobile application
  • Target audience
  • Budget for building a mobile application


The technology to be used for a mobile app development for your business would be decided based on whether your mobile app is built for providing information to your customers or for much more complex work like selling things online.

If the app requires using some of the smartphones hardware features like Bluetooth, camera or push notifications then you may require building a Native App. A native app is developed to run on particular operating systems only.

Pros of building a Native App

  • It works very smooth and fast as it is specifically designed for that system.
  • It can use hardware features of the device on which it is running.
  • It always provides the look and feels as expected as it is designed for the specific system.

Cons of using a Native App

  • Code for Native App cannot be reused.
  • It requires new development from scratch if needs to deploy on another operating system.
  • Native App development uses technical languages like Objective-C or Java. Although tools are made available by companies like Apple and Android for simplifying the development and customization of the app, building a team for separate version might incur a huge development cost.

There are many different types of Native Apps which you can choose to develop according to your business requirement. If you want to choose cross-platform App development, creating a hybrid app can also be considered. Hybrid Apps can run on different servers but uses a web browser on the device to run the app. It is not as fast as the Native Apps. If you want to avoid a mobile app development for your business considering its cost, updating your Web App into responsive or adaptive design pattern can help you create a smartphone version for your business. Responsive design pattern uses the latest technology like HTML5 and CSS3 which are quite popular and technical help for these languages are easily available.

Pros for building a Web App

  • Developing and customizing web app can be easy and technical help for building a web App is easily available as it uses the popular programming languages.
  • It can be accessed from any device and any browser. It adjusts its design according to the screen size. Hence, it provides a user-friendly experience for your customers.

Cons for Building a Web App

  • It runs on the browser and cannot use any of the device features.
  • It cannot be made available on mobile play store as other Native Apps and hence its accessibility is reduced.
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4 Tips to Build the Right Website for Your Business in the UK

You cannot deny the fact that half of the world is over internet looking for information, buying things online and using it as a platform for communication and reviews. For reaching out to people, your web media should satisfy all the aspects to be able to attract people towards it.

If your business website is not updated to showcase on all screen types, this is the time you prioritize updating it with adaptive or responsive design patterns. If updating it completely is affecting your budget, at least create a smart phone version of it. An important context to be considered while rebuilding your website is to keep it Simple and Light. Big fonts, simple content descriptions, more use of icons (wherever possible), use of large buttons etc. can enhance your customers experience while accessing your website with smart phones.

Keep it Simple but attractive

Always keep your website design as simple as possible to avoid any discomfort while accessing it through small screens. Your design should be thumb friendly and should be easily accessible by using a single thumb. If by any chance the users need to use another hand to click few buttons and reach out for the information by zooming out the content, it will degrade their experience of using your website and chances are that they will abandon using it.

Making use of icons instead of describing text like search, Add, Update, Login etc. reduces the unwanted text strings and icons used. Moreover, that adds visual colours to your web. Make use of social networking links in your website, so that your users get inspired to share your website contents with others.

Keep it as light as possible

Low internet speed can affect the experience of using website on smart phones. Average smart phone users do not have high speed internet accessibility; hence your mobile versions of website needs to be really light weight and simple. You must avoid using videos and heavy JavaScript files that uses lot of data packs while designing your smart phone version of your business website.

Keep it clear to your customers

It is important to keep the context of your website clear to your customers. You must decide the purpose you want to serve to your customers through your website. Depending on your business requirements, your website can be informative or it can include various other functionalities. For example, if you are into online trading business, you need a full-fledged smart phone app with lot of functionalities. In that case your app should contain light weight pictures for your smart phone users.

Multi device version

People in the UK are largely dependent on their gadgets for looking out information, searching for places using maps and buying things online. They use palmtops, laptops, Smart phones and all other possible gadgets to access websites. Hence, developing a website which supports multiple platforms than just a mobile platform can serve a good purpose to your customers. Also making your website as flexible as possible is advisable in order to enhance it in future and customize it when required.

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Improve Your Website’s Google Search Rankings with Mobile Friendly Websites

Are you wondering how mobile friendly websites can improve your SEO ranking? Google favours device friendly websites as compared to the websites which are not responsive. Responsive or Mobile friendly websites simply means that the technology used for building such websites helps in adjusting the page layout of the websites according to the device screen size in which it is being accessed by the user.

People in the UK are very much dependent on their smartphones for information as well as for communication with other people. Smartphones are always handy; hence promoting your business using mobile-friendly websites is the sure way to reach more people.

Is your website Mobile friendly?

If you are not sure about the multiplatform features of your website, you can test your website by accessing it through different devices. When you open responsive websites, its view gets adjusted according to the screen size of the device which helps the user to read information without zooming out their mobile screen. Smartphones users are usually not comfortable with accessing websites which are not responsive as it takes a lot of efforts to read the content and access the functions, which can frustrate the user.

Whether you are promoting your business or providing information through blog or selling products online, the only way to retain your customers is by giving them with a wonderful hands-on experience of your website.

How to update your website?

  • If you have used core programming languages for building your website, a professional web developer can help you update your design by using responsive design pattern techniques.
  • If your website is built using a content management system, you might have to follow the guidelines from the same tool in order to update your website.
  • You can get a lot of update and information from your Mobile SEO Guide in order to improve your website ranking.

Cost factor

If you are wondering about the cost of updating your website, there are many ways to make this change on an affordable budget. Depending on the technology and the tool used for building your website, the cost of updating it can be figured out.

If you are not technical enough to understand this, a good software developer can guide you and can help you update your website. If changing your design is the only requirement of your website, there are a lot of free responsive themes available over the internet which can be used. For major updates, there are many Software Development Companies providing affordable services. They update your code, redesign it, take care of SEO optimization and re-launch it for you.

Updating your website on regular basis

It is important to keep your website updated with new technologies and with your business information in order to improve its Google ranking. If your website is old enough and built with content management systems which are outdated, it is advisable to reconstruct it using latest technologies. Make sure your website has an admin panel which will let you update the business information yourself whenever required. These updates keep your business websites up to date and attract more viewers each day.

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Benefits of Becoming a Mobile Friendly Website Designer in Scotland

If you wish to attract customers who want to develop a mobile app for their business; offering your development service at a low price can create their interest towards your company. These days with emerging technologies, developing multiplatform websites or mobile-friendly websites has become easy and convenient for developers. Organizing your development plan can help you reduce development cost and can improve your service quality. If you are a startup software Development Company in Scotland, the following tips can help you get customers.

Update your technical skills with emerging new technologies

Responsive Design patterns which change their structure according to the screen size are rapidly used by developers for enhancing their multiplatform website designing. Whether your customers are viewing your website through laptops, palmtops or smartphones; Responsive designs adjust their view according to the screen size. Bespoke website designs which use HTML5 and CSS3 are attracting customers with its high-quality dynamic designs. Updating your technical skills with such mobile-friendly technologies can make your work easy and impressive and can help you cut down on your development cost. This will help you to become a popular mobile friendly website designer in Scotland.

Winning your customer’s trust

Low cost does not always mean low quality. But the cost is surely measured as one of the significant factors for quality. For new developers, the most challenging task is to convince their customers about the quality of work they can provide. You can overcome this situation by being very transparent about how you could manage to offer affordable prices. Prepare sample mobile-friendly applications with impressive features which you can use for demonstrations. Your commitment to providing best service at an affordable price will help you win customers in Scotland.

Be a High-quality brand but affordable

There are many strategies you can follow if you plan to sell your products at an affordable price. Low prices surely attract huge customers in Scotland but winning the customer loyalty towards your brand while offering the lowest price for mobile friendly website designing can be challenging.

The strategy is to keep your service at the lowest possible price and then check which customers are looking for a mobile-friendly website designer in Scotland. Small business or startups can be your targeted customers.

Another strategy that you can choose is to provide the high-quality product at affordable prices. Here you don’t compete at lowest price levels but still, offer reasonable rates to your customers. For acquiring high-quality tag for your mobile-friendly websites, you must take care of the following points in your offered products.

Product Durability: Your mobile-friendly websites should be long-lasting. It should be easily customizable with the changing time and requirements. Updating it on a regular basis should not cost much. Your websites quality can easily win customers trust.

Features: The mobile-friendly websites should contain features which should be of superior quality compared to the ones offered by your competitors. These unique features should attract customer’s attention.

Providing High-Quality Service: There is no alternative to good service when you are competing for adding brand value to your business. The only thing that can help you build a long-term relationship with your customer is providing them with high-quality service.

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Hire a Cheap Mobile App Designer UK to Launch an App for Your Business

A mobile app is an essential tool to keep the users engaged in any business or any services. A mobile app provides convenience and comfort to its users to do various work. Whether it is to purchase anything, or book flight and hotel reservations, booking a table at a restaurant, ordering food for home delivery, or purchasing things from e-commerce platforms, a mobile app comes handy to all of them. So, if you run a business and want to reach out to the mass, then launching a mobile app is the first thing you need to do. And, for that, you need to find a cheap mobile app designer in the UK who would be professional enough to do the work perfectly.

A mobile app for your business will help you in managing the customer’s database. It will help you stay in direct touch with them. You can send them various offers and discounts directly.  This will also enable the customers to provide a feedback so that you can work on them accordingly to improve your product as well as services.

There are ways to look for a cheap mobile app designer UK without compromising on the quality of work and services. Let’s discuss here the points you need to consider while hiring the mobile app developer.


While looking for a cheap mobile app designer UK, you should always emphasize on the skills which the designer possess. For, the quality should never be compromised. There are many companies who provide good work at a cheaper rate than the rest of the companies in the market.

Latest Technology:

A mobile app should be developed on the latest technological platforms. This is mainly because the technology is evolving every day. So if your app is based on a technology which is backdated, it will not perform properly on the latest mobile devices.


The design of the mobile app should also be attractive so that the users find it convenient while using it. The designs should be made based on the targeted audience and their preferences and the final outcome which you want from the mobile app for your business.

App for all Platforms:

You should get the mobile app for your business launched on both Android and iOS platforms. If you want to reach out to more people, then the mobile app should be built for both the platforms. And the mobile app designer should make sure that it runs seamlessly on them.

User Experience:

A good user experience is what everyone looks for in whatever they do. If the consumers find it easy and comfortable while using the app, they will keep it installed on their mobile device and also they would refer your app to the people around them. This will help you foster your business more.


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