3 Affordable Mobile App Designer Tools

Generally, the designers are always on a lookout for an apt and Affordable Mobile App Designer tool that will make their designs worthwhile for the users who are using it. Developing an inestimable mobile app requires a great deal of creativity, skill and of course an apt and Affordable Mobile App Designer tool. This is one of the top reasons delineating as to why the companies are putting in the good amount of money to build a user-friendly mobile app design.

Below are top 3 and Affordable Mobile App Designer Tools used by the designers today – to provide a user-friendly experience.


If you are looking to design a prototype and collaborating the same with your immediate team then Marvel is best for you. Marvel makes it possible for you to synchronize your designs from various other tools like Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator easily. It can even synchronize the designs stored on Dropbox, Google Drive, and cloud storage.

Accordingly, you can also add your designs from distinct tools and utilize Marvel to make it come alive with all the feasible features. Needless to even comment, the designer will not need to buy any other Designer tool for their need. As Marvel could easily design, collaborate and prototype, it is your one-stop solution for all your designer related needs.


Proto.io comes with a lot of prototype and design templates. An Affordable Mobile App Designer tool, Proto.io is easy to use because it requires no coding. More importantly, you can import all your UI components into it ranging from Photoshop to Sketch. You can also utilize the timeline feature for generating a cool animation show to delineate the flow of your app across distinct verticals. The app represents a simple and elegant look. This is not the end, Proto.io has a lot more than this. If you have assets in Dropbox or Google Drive then Proto.io allows you to synchronize them easily to assist you to simplify your flow of work. These interesting features of Proto.io cannot be left out – though it is just a web app, you can work with only when you are online. Moreover, Proto.io is a browser-based prototyping tool for which you do not require to download any heavy software. You can directly start it by signing in. You will be given fifteen days free trial period after which you require to pay to use the tool.

Origami Studio

Origami Studio is a standalone interface designer tool which is developed by the engineers of Facebook and has been used by the social media platform – Facebook to design the app for Facebook like the Facebook Messenger and Instagram and now it is available to the local users for free. Origami, a complex tool with amazing functionalities, can assist you to preview your app prototype. The tool can also allow you to copy and paste the layers from Sketch and can get them working in the Origami tool. If you wish to show your designs to your clients, you can easily record the same prototype and send it quickly to anyone through the Origami app. Another interesting function of Origami is that it can easily connect with your iOS and Android devices to preview it and visualize the changes, thereby enabling you to work on it later.

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