4 Tips to Build the Right Website for Your Business in the UK

You cannot deny the fact that half of the world is over internet looking for information, buying things online and using it as a platform for communication and reviews. For reaching out to people, your web media should satisfy all the aspects to be able to attract people towards it.

If your business website is not updated to showcase on all screen types, this is the time you prioritize updating it with adaptive or responsive design patterns. If updating it completely is affecting your budget, at least create a smart phone version of it. An important context to be considered while rebuilding your website is to keep it Simple and Light. Big fonts, simple content descriptions, more use of icons (wherever possible), use of large buttons etc. can enhance your customers experience while accessing your website with smart phones.

Keep it Simple but attractive

Always keep your website design as simple as possible to avoid any discomfort while accessing it through small screens. Your design should be thumb friendly and should be easily accessible by using a single thumb. If by any chance the users need to use another hand to click few buttons and reach out for the information by zooming out the content, it will degrade their experience of using your website and chances are that they will abandon using it.

Making use of icons instead of describing text like search, Add, Update, Login etc. reduces the unwanted text strings and icons used. Moreover, that adds visual colours to your web. Make use of social networking links in your website, so that your users get inspired to share your website contents with others.

Keep it as light as possible

Low internet speed can affect the experience of using website on smart phones. Average smart phone users do not have high speed internet accessibility; hence your mobile versions of website needs to be really light weight and simple. You must avoid using videos and heavy JavaScript files that uses lot of data packs while designing your smart phone version of your business website.

Keep it clear to your customers

It is important to keep the context of your website clear to your customers. You must decide the purpose you want to serve to your customers through your website. Depending on your business requirements, your website can be informative or it can include various other functionalities. For example, if you are into online trading business, you need a full-fledged smart phone app with lot of functionalities. In that case your app should contain light weight pictures for your smart phone users.

Multi device version

People in the UK are largely dependent on their gadgets for looking out information, searching for places using maps and buying things online. They use palmtops, laptops, Smart phones and all other possible gadgets to access websites. Hence, developing a website which supports multiple platforms than just a mobile platform can serve a good purpose to your customers. Also making your website as flexible as possible is advisable in order to enhance it in future and customize it when required.

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