Benefits of iPhone App Development


By now you must know the importance of developing a mobile app for growing your business. So you have decided to develop a native mobile app for your business. The next big question is – which platform to choose, whether Android or iPhone app. Android and iOS are both very popular platforms and they have their own pros and cons, so how would you decide which one to choose. A number of big players choose to develop their apps on iOS and have benefited immensely from them. So why do they choose iOS over Android? Let’s take a look:

  • There were 44.53 million iPhone users in 2012, in the U.S and it is expected to reach at 75.23 million by 2015. – Statista
  • iPhone users were able to choose between 1.5 million from the Apple’s App Store, as of July’2015. – Statista
  • Apple iPhone downloads have exceeded 3 Billion at the start of 2010

The above data makes it clear why the big companies choose to develop iPhone apps. Though decision solely depends on your business goals and target audience, by developing iPhone apps you will certainly have some well defined benefits.

What are Native Apps? Why Choose them?

Native apps are those that are installed through a specific app store such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Native mobile apps are created specifically for any one platform and are capable of taking full advantage of all the device features such as the GPS system, camera, contact list, etc.

The Native apps can be accessed through icons on the mobile devices and offer the best user experience. If you are developing a business app for the first time, it is always good to choose native apps. Some more features that make native mobile apps the best choice are:

  • Ease of Use: Native apps are easier to use, since they are compatible with the functionalities with the specific device. Native apps offer much more in terms of user experience.
  • Fast Graphics API: With native apps you get the advantage of fast graphics which is very beneficial if your app requires quick refreshes.
  • Amazing Animations: Fluid animation is very essential if you are developing a gaming app or highly interactive apps. With native apps you get the best of fluid animations.
  • Built-in Components: The app can be seamlessly integrated with the built-in components of the device such as the camera, address book, GPS, and other advanced features.

Now that you know the advantages of developing a native app, what are the advantages of developing a native app on iOS? So, now let’s explore the advantages of iPhone app development.

Benefits of iPhone App Development for your Business

When developing mobile apps, the first thing that the developers should keep in mind is usefulness and usability of mobile applications. Mobile apps are reflections of your brand and the success of your business solely depends on the user experience offered by the apps.

A professional iPhone app built according to your business requirements is the key to achieve your business goals and attract potential customers. Here is how iPhone app development can help your business:

Get More for Your Apps

Regardless of the huge market share owned by Android, it is less profitable for the businesses. The iOS platform is expected to bring in 90 percent of the amount spent on mobile devices, which clearly highlights the revenue advantage that the businesses developing iPhone apps would get. Thus iPhone app development is always more profitable for business owners.


Secured Apple Eco-System

A number of mobile app developers choose to develop iPhone apps due to the more secured and regulated environment. It is possible to offer a holistic user experience with help of Xcode, iCloud, iTunes, the App Establishment, etc. and sharing content also becomes seamless throughout various devices. In simple words, iPhone apps are much more reliable than Android apps.

Superior User Experience

Even though developing apps on Android is easier, the app experience is much better on iOS apps since they are user-friendly and versatile. Even if you launch the same app on iOS and Android, the experience on iPhone device will be much better. iPhone apps are much more fluid thus look and feel good compared to Android apps. iPhone also offers an amazing media experience. Whether it is music, videos or photos, you get the best of all with iPhone apps.

The Apple Store

Apple was the first to launch the app store, so they have an advantage over the Android app store. The number of Android apps is more than that of the iPhone apps due to multiple Android markets, but with iOS it is not the same. You can find about 1.2 million apps active on the Apple App store alone. Moreover, iPhone apps are much more stable than those on Android due to their stringent approval procedures.

Loyal Customer Base

Apple has a loyal customer base and these people will always stick to iPhone devices regardless of the price tag. There is something about owning an iPhone device and the loyal iPhone customers will go to any extent to get their hands on the latest edition.


91% of current iPhone owners will replace it with another iPhone model when it’s time to upgrade, according to a recent survey by the Yankee Group. So by developing a user-friendly iPhone app you will always have a dedicated set of users.


Developing iPhone apps can be beneficial for your business in many ways. With iPhone app development you can come up with some of the most amazing apps since it is easier for the developers to work on the iOS platform. Since iPhone apps are available on a single set of devices testing and debugging is easier as compared to Android apps that are available on multiple devices.

So if you want to improve the bottom line and serve your customers better, you should choose iPhone apps. Not only will you get a loyal customer base, you can offer the best user experiences to your targeted customers.

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