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Tips to Get More Web Design Projects in the UK

For a startup organization as well as for an established web designing company, the most important thing is to attract new clients and get your work noticed by people who are possible prospects for you. Many people prefer to outsource

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4 Tips to Build the Right Website for Your Business in the UK

You cannot deny the fact that half of the world is over internet looking for information, buying things online and using it as a platform for communication and reviews. For reaching out to people, your web media should satisfy all

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Improve Your Website’s Google Search Rankings with Mobile Friendly Websites

Are you wondering how mobile friendly websites can improve your SEO ranking? Google favours device friendly websites as compared to the websites which are not responsive. Responsive or Mobile friendly websites simply means that the technology used for building such

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Tips to Offer Excellent Customer Services through Your Website

Tips to Offer Excellent Customer Services through Your Website Only 37 percent websites got a good or excellent customer experience score in 2012. While 6 percent brands received poor score – Forrester. 54 percent customers share their bad experiences with

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Tips to Choose the Best Website Designing Agency

Source Let’s take a test: Think of a topic that you want to research on and Google it. Click on the link that seems the most appropriate. When you enter the website, what is your first impression? Did you find

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Mistakes to Avoid When Setting-Up an eCommerce Website

Source Retail eCommerce has become an integral part of the retail business realm. More and more businesses, both large and small, are leveraging on their eCommerce websites. The retail eCommerce revenue in the U.S, according to Statista, stood at $225.5

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Tips to Improve eCommerce Website UX

Source eCommerce is the only trillion-dollar industry that is growing at a double-digit percentage each year – Read report here. eCommerce has been there for about twenty years now and there is no doubt that online shopping has reached its

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Mobile Web Design Best Practices for a Seamless User Experience

Source When a visitor visits your website chances are they used their smart phones or other mobile devices to discover your website. Yes majority of the digital media is now accessed through mobile devices across the globe. According to study

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Tips to Boost Your Holiday Season Sales Right Now!

The online sales are expected to increase 7 to 10 percent this holiday season, according to the National Retail Association. So are you geared up to cash-in on this opportunity? As the holiday season approaches, most eCommerce companies are getting

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Top 10 Best Practices about Mobile Responsive Web Design that Website Developers London Should Know

The adoption of the smartphone and advanced mobile devices is on a rise and it has become increasingly important to transform your website into a mobile friendly website to reach the vast mobile audience. Having a mobile friendly website has

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