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Eco-Friendly Website Design

Today the trend in our everyday life is moving towards being environmental friendly and conserving natural resources. One of the most important issues of our generation is global warming. Many businesses are taking the responsibility to contribute and make efforts to help solve the environmental crisis. There are many eco friendly websites that have gained immense importance in the recent years and research shows that people are choosing eco-friendly options more and more.

A company can maximize its profits by green web hosting. It can also utilize this service as an effective marketing tool. By educating and informing the customers about the green stance it has taken, the company will benefit more as a positive impression of the company will be created. People will be impressed and would perceive the company as a responsible one. Informing customers about the green website would also help in the company being far ahead in competition. Companies develop their green websites in many ways.

One efficient way of designing a green website is to use effectively energy saving colors on the website. There is an energy saving color palette called Emergy-C that includes colors that save energy. The designer can utilize this option and choose colors effectively for the website that will help in saving energy costs.  While building a green website, the LEED system is an excellent way. Many designers simply use a template-based design or only change the colors and re-use old websites to sell clients. The challenge is create a original, new and a unique website design and web designers should constantly make efforts to start with a new green website.

Another effective way in building a green website is to utilize and use energy efficient web hosting and this helps in the reduction of energy consumption. Another way is to get links from other green sites and increase the awareness and knowledge of the importance of making the business as green as possible. Many businesses do not understand the ever-increasing growth of the green websites and the long term benefits it can have on the environment. Reduce, reuse and recycle is an effective mantra and buzz all around.

Another feature that the designers can benefit is using Eco Arc that is a logo design method that informs clients of the environmental awareness and the various achievements of the company in sustainable development that every visitor visiting the site can notice and be impresses about.


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