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This is a technology driven period, internet being one of the most essential element of the day to day life. The search engines like Google, Yahoo etc are becoming popular amongst the students supporting in their educational curriculums; thus the students’ activities in the internet are getting boosted for collecting information. This has further reinforces the popularity of the educational websites across the world as one of the critical information provider for the students regarding various subject matters. The educational websites are often considered adding more convenience to the students in enhancing and deepening their knowledge than the conventional books and class curriculums. The modern day students are more exposure and used to with the tech savvy environment which is also another factor fostering the growth of the educational websites.

There are certainly some advanced educational websites which are supporting the students with directly available valuable information. The educational websites definitely cannot be considered as the substitute for the class curriculums and books; however, the educational websites adds more convenience to the students. The educational websites often have e-books reading and downloading facilities which offers the students to have a wide range of knowledge base. The books can be costly and often students may not be able to buy them, especially the books for the higher level of educational programs. The educational websites thus not only add convenience, but it is also faster and cheaper source of information to the students.

The educational websites can be considered as a boon for the students who live in the remote localities and cannot attend their class curriculums on a day to day basis. The educational websites provides the opportunities for these students to find the relevant study materials and to pursue the online educational programs. The importance of the educational websites can also be applied to the par time students; for those the educational websites works as a support to carry on with their higher educations. Students needs are variant and the learning habitat also differs which has to be considered when developing the educational websites. It is critical that the educational websites has the efficient navigation tabs and quality contents so as to attract more students and researchers for increasing the popularity of the website and to make the learning process enjoyable. A good educational website also helps to boost the engagement of the students towards their educational curriculums which can be challenging for the physical form of the educational programs.


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