Enrich your Mobile App with Artificial Intelligence

Mobile App has created a big revolution in every field and is enhancing business capabilities to reach more customers and providing more convenience each day. Where the use of mobile apps has become a new trend for buying things and getting services done, enriching your mobile app with AI features seems to be the most required thing to do. Many big IT companies have already started investing in AI implementation with Mobile Apps and are achieving wonderful results out of it.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machine for knowledge management, processing natural voice commands, 3D Scanning security systems, machine learning etc. AI basically defines a machine’s capability for intelligent behaviour.

With increasing trends for using smartphones, mobile apps are ought to accommodate AI in every aspect of development. Whenever we think about AI, Apples’ Siri comes to our mind. The idea of applying for a natural voice personal assistance while operating a mobile app seems to be the most promising way of enhancing the user experience. Think about the mobile app which takes food order as a voice command. Isn’t it an exciting and a convenient way to place an order online? Well, many giant food joints like Starbucks are already using such intelligence with their mobile applications and helping their customers with this amazing experience.

How Does It Improve Customer’s Experience?

Artificial intelligence helps customer’s engagement and increases their interest in using your app. It adds value to your business in every way and hence is a wise investment area for business who wants to grow and maintain success. With increasing competition and thousands of app placed in App Store, maintaining customers for your mobile app is not going to be easy and it needs a constant exploration and enhancement in every aspect. Use of AI with the mobile app is not limited to natural voice assistance but demands much more. Other possibilities are expected which create seamless intelligence while performing a task using a mobile app. Innovative features provided by AI reduces the chances of getting apps abandoned by customers.

Benefits of AI with Mobile Apps

  • AI helps earn the loyalty of customers by providing high standard security systems and helps secure monetary transactions for
  • AI is implemented with mobile apps with predictive intelligence which understands the customer’s area of interest as per their shopping history and hence list out the products accordingly. This inspires the customers to shop more and generates revenue for the business. It helps turn the prospects into customers by prompting them with products of their interest.
  • AI algorithms help business collect data effectively and generate the most valuable reports by analyzing competitive products, real-time profit data, current service trends followed by businesses and many more.

Mobile Apps are making life easy and artificial intelligence is surely adding a lot to it. Interactive mobile apps are the new trend and much more is expected by customers and business from the Mobile App Industry. Implementation of Artificial intelligence with mobile applications is the sure way to meet this expectation. It will encourage huge customer engagement, will help retain customers and is the most promising factor for business growth.

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