Facilitating consumers with online shopping solutions

Facilitating consumers with online shopping

Online shopping is an emerging trend in every country growing at a rapid rate over the years. This increasing growth rate is attributed to the convenience offered to the consumers by the online shopping stores. Hence, in order to sustain in the high competition posed by online retailers over the internet, every shopping site needs to incorporate certain primary features that facilitates the consumers in shopping online by enabling them to save time, money and effort and providing higher convenience.

The top seven features of an online shopping cart website which can facilitate consumers in online shopping activities can be summarised in the following points:

  • Easy and obvious buying process: The “buy” button must be placed strategically so as to attract the eyes of the buyer easily. The buttons should not only be placed near to the image of the product but also to be placed across the website. The consumer should also be facilitated to click the button when the thumbnails are being shown.
  • Little effort from the user: The consumers should be required to fill up a large amount of data or register with the website prior to buying a product/service. Rather the website should tend to encourage gradual engagement from the customers.
  • Constant feedbacks and status update: Customers like to have constant feedback and status update of their shopping activities. Therefore, the shopping websites must provide status updates like “You added 1 item in your shopping cart”.
  • Show the total as you go: It is not recommended to show the total amount till the end. Facilitate shoppers with their estimated total as early as possible including the shipping charges.
  • Cart contents must be evident: Customers should not wait till the billing process to view what they have added to the cart. Rather it is advisable to show the customers what they have added to the cart readily whenever required.
  • Information to be entered only once: The customers should not be asked to enter information more than once. Be careful about these instances and take effective steps. For instance, a website can ask the customer to enter information in the shipping and billing phase.
  • As short as possible check-out process: Simplification of everything is the key to success. The shorter the check-out process, the more the people will complete it. “Batch add to cart” feature is a possible solution.
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