Free web marketing tools

Free web marketing tools


There are many tools that are available free of cost without any downloading or monthly charges and these tools can be great help for optimizing online business. Some of the free tools available are:

Search engine rankings: This tool is available free of cost and it offers free and instant online reports of web site rankings and that too in the top 3 search engines that is Google, Bing (MSN), Yahoo! Search. The report can be viewed separately as it opens in the new tab window. The tool also has the capacity to return the top 10 rankings for Google, top 20 in AOL and top 30 and top 100 in Bing and Yahoo respectively.

Keyword Tool: This FREE keyword tool is very much beneficial as it offers more than 70 1-click keyword editing functions. This tool helps in editing and cleaning thousands of keywords very quickly and easily.

PageRank Checker: This tool comes free from Google and is a great tool that can offer instant online Google PageRank reports of any domain or webpage. This tool comes absolutely fee without any CAPTCHA requirements to use this tool.

Link Popularity checker: This tool as the name suggests offers free online reports of a webpage’s link popularity and even the backlink rating. This tool can instant and fast to use and it offers search in top three search engines that is Google Yahoo! Search and Bing (MSN).

Google analytics: This tool helps in gathering necessary data pertaining to the improvement of the website. This tool help to determine the sources of website traffic, value of content that are incomplete on each page of the site, the most active keywords and the comparison of ROI. It might take some time to get used to this tool but the task becomes real easy once the analytics code is pasted on each page of the site.

Site-Perf: The loading speed of the website is an important is an important factor, which determines the success of the website. This tool offers effective solutions to any problem relating to the speed of the website. It enables the user to test the effect of design changes on loading speed and provide necessary balance elements like CSS, images and links to achieve the ideal visitor experience.

ClickTale: This tool is beneficial as it enables the user to learn the way their website visitors interact with their site. This software has some unique features like recording movies of visitors browsing sessions, viewing of heatmaps that shows the details of the scrolling behavior of the visitor and also to collect data in order to improve the site usability.

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