Generating Business Reports with Your Mobile App

Every business requires organizing data in the intelligent form to get business insights and larger business statistics. Reporting tool does a wonderful work by creating graphs and charts which provides you important information regarding sales and other aspects of the business.

Why Your Mobile App Needs Reporting Tools?

  • Reporting tools help businesses find new opportunities
  • It helps find the most profitable aspect of the business
  • Creates customized reports for you
  • It helps the businesses understand the competitive circumstances and create adaptability over the market.
  • Useful for categorizing customers and vendors
  • Helps to track the payment systems

For all the above and many more benefits, every business needs a powerful reporting tool which provides the most accurate reports which will help them make better business decisions.

How to Choose an Appropriate Reporting Tool for your mobile app?

Reporting tool should have the following basic qualities which will enhance your application and provide you immense power over your business data and hence improve your business decisions.


Mobile app compatible reporting tools should be compatible with most of the modules in your application. With every transaction data is created. Hence, data fetching needs to be done from different modules for creating effective complex reports. A good reporting tool will have easy compatibility with every module and will fetch data efficiently.

The flexibility of Generating Reports with Different Parameters

Reporting tools for mobile app should be flexible enough for generating reports with various parameters to get a quick overview of business growth and focus on problem areas where the focus needs to be shifted.

Organizing data for a particular year, comparing the data for a number of years, fetching sales data between selected dates, fetching sales data for a particular month or year etc. are the various parameters which define the flexibility of generating reports. Hence, any selected reporting tool must be flexible enough to generate parameter-based reports.

Ease of Use

Reporting tools should be simple and easy to use. It should be simple enough to understand by a non-technical person and should provide reporting results with simple clicks. Only if it is easy to use, most of the benefits can be earned out of it.

Few Mobile BI Apps Which Can Create Best Reports for Your Business

Mobile BI basically organizes your data and creates intelligent data structures for you which you can use for taking better business decisions. It easily provides real-time sales details, customer data, and many other required details and enhances your business decisions. These Mobile Apps fit into your smartphone screen and help you access the data anytime, anywhere on your smartphone.

Roambi, MicroStrategy, Power View Mobile, Push BI, MobiWeave, Yellowfin, Jaspersoft, Cyfe are some of the business intelligence tools which provides business insights by easily fetching data from various aspects of business and generate important graphs for you. Some of these tools are web-based and can access the data anywhere and at any point in time.

These powerful tools provide analytics over social media, marketing, Google analytics and many more. It gets connected to the internal database and can easily connect internal and external databases for creating dashboards. Some of these tools support both Android and IOS. It provides all in one reporting facilities to business by providing a reporting platform for all kind of useful data reports.

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