How can Cheapest Website Designers London Help to Maximize Sales of an Ecommerce Website

If you have a product based company and you still haven’t tapped into the online market, you are missing out a huge revenue generating opportunity. Studies show the U.S retail market grew by 12.6 percent in 2010 to $176.2 billion and it is expected to reach $278.9 billion by 2015, according to Forrester Research.

Are you ready to benefit from this huge online market? Launching an ecommerce website is no rocket science – just have it designed by the cheapest website designers London, upload the products and you are ready to go. Is it really that easy? There are many factors that determine whether the revenue would go up or not, but the key to a successful ecommerce website is one that connects the users to the products they are looking for in a simplified way.

One more thing to consider is a large portion of the potential users use their mobile devices to shop online. So make sure the website is responsive. It should be compatible on all hand held devices and should provide similar shopping experience as on PCs. When hiring the cheapest website designers London, make sure they are aware of all the latest web design best practices. So what are the other factors that need to be considered when designing an ecommerce website? Keep reading to find out.

E-Commerce Web Designing Tips

To start with make sure the homepage is compelling enough. The homepage is the entry point of your website and this is your only chance to allure the visitors to perform an action. The starting page gives the very first impression about your business and how the rest of the buying experience is going to be. So it is worth putting some extra effort while designing the homepage of your ecommerce website. You will have an idea about the elements that need to be included within the homepage to convince the visitor about an amazing online shopping experience with help of this infographic.

To build a successful ecommerce website that leverages the ROI, you will have to consider three main factors.

The User Must be Able to Find the Desired Product Easily

The main reason why ecommerce websites fail to meet expectations in terms of ROI is the inability to connect the user to their desired products. When evaluating the reasons for bad performance, business owners consider the pricing, the quality of customer services and all other aspects but seldom do they consider the search features on their ecommerce websites.

You need an in-depth understanding of the user behaviour to be able to cater to their needs. A great web design would be one that allows the users to find the desired products within as few steps as possible. The users who exactly know what they want should be directed to the product pages directly, while those who are not tech-savvy may require some extra guidance. So ensure that your website is such that it caters to all categories of users – confident, casual and reluctant shoppers – through a unified user platform.

Showcase the Products Prominently

Once the user has decided on a product, the next step would be adding the product to the shopping cart. Whether the user will proceed to the next step or not depends on the way the product page is arranged. When arranging the products details, you need to consider number of factors:


Make sure the product images are high quality and they have a neutral background so that the user’s attention is not distracted. Ask the cheapest website designers London to maintain uniformity in the image background and the size of images displayed. One other way to allow the users to view the products is by displaying it on a modal window.

The zoom tool should be restricted to some product, like apparel where you want the visitors to see the intricate embroidery. Otherwise consider showcasing the entire product in a large image.


Make sure you display the price clearly. Asking the users to register to view the prices will not only increase the steps but will also annoy the user. If you are offering discounts, ensure the discounted price is displayed boldly.

Product Reviews

People believe in reviews more than your words. Keep a visible section on the product page that includes product reviews by independent users. Never ever make the mistake of deleting negative reviews. Having good reviews only, will make it look fake. Negative reviews will give you an opportunity to modify the product pages to make it more compelling. Customer loyalty will directly reflect in your ROI.

Since your ultimate concern is to make the user add the product to the shopping cart, try to use a call to action. Use bold colours and larger fonts to display the “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button.

Related/Recently Viewed Products

It is always good to offers choices to the users. Have a separate section to showcase related and recently viewed products. For example, if you are selling apparel, you can showcase accessories in the related products section. The “recently viewed products” offers the users with an opportunity to trace products they have recently seen.

Closing the Deal

Now that the user has added all his desired products in the shopping cart, it is time to close the deal by allowing him to make the payments in the most quick and painless manner. This is the most important step of the entire shopping process and moist people are concerned about the privacy and security. Make sure you use a secure payment gateway and check all security features. Offer instant chatting options to offer help during the checkout process. Also make sure you have an option for the user to track the shipping.

To be able to sell successfully online you need to have a well designed website that offers excellent user experiences. Easy usability and great functionality are the two important factors that will help increase the conversion rates.

E-Commerce Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

It is important to know how to design an ecommerce well to increase the ROI but it is equally important to be aware of the pitfalls. If you are hiring the cheapest website designers in London, they might not tell you about the design mistakes to avoid, so educate yourself before the designing commences. Some of the design mistakes to avoid are:

  • Using poor quality images. 67% of the users agree high quality images are necessary to close a deal.
  • Not providing clear visual hierarchy
  • Product pages include information in a cluttered way
  • Navigation that is hard to understand. Almost 50% of sales are lost due to poor navigation structures, according to Forrester.
  • Complicated registration/ sign up form
  • The website is not responsive


To leverage the sales revenue, you need to design a compelling ecommerce website that allures the users to purchase the products they are looking for. Ensure the navigation on the site is perfect, the search functionality provides the best results and that the users are directed towards the desired products within as few steps as possible.


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