Improve Your Website’s Google Search Rankings with Mobile Friendly Websites

Are you wondering how mobile friendly websites can improve your SEO ranking? Google favours device friendly websites as compared to the websites which are not responsive. Responsive or Mobile friendly websites simply means that the technology used for building such websites helps in adjusting the page layout of the websites according to the device screen size in which it is being accessed by the user.

People in the UK are very much dependent on their smartphones for information as well as for communication with other people. Smartphones are always handy; hence promoting your business using mobile-friendly websites is the sure way to reach more people.

Is your website Mobile friendly?

If you are not sure about the multiplatform features of your website, you can test your website by accessing it through different devices. When you open responsive websites, its view gets adjusted according to the screen size of the device which helps the user to read information without zooming out their mobile screen. Smartphones users are usually not comfortable with accessing websites which are not responsive as it takes a lot of efforts to read the content and access the functions, which can frustrate the user.

Whether you are promoting your business or providing information through blog or selling products online, the only way to retain your customers is by giving them with a wonderful hands-on experience of your website.

How to update your website?

  • If you have used core programming languages for building your website, a professional web developer can help you update your design by using responsive design pattern techniques.
  • If your website is built using a content management system, you might have to follow the guidelines from the same tool in order to update your website.
  • You can get a lot of update and information from your Mobile SEO Guide in order to improve your website ranking.

Cost factor

If you are wondering about the cost of updating your website, there are many ways to make this change on an affordable budget. Depending on the technology and the tool used for building your website, the cost of updating it can be figured out.

If you are not technical enough to understand this, a good software developer can guide you and can help you update your website. If changing your design is the only requirement of your website, there are a lot of free responsive themes available over the internet which can be used. For major updates, there are many Software Development Companies providing affordable services. They update your code, redesign it, take care of SEO optimization and re-launch it for you.

Updating your website on regular basis

It is important to keep your website updated with new technologies and with your business information in order to improve its Google ranking. If your website is old enough and built with content management systems which are outdated, it is advisable to reconstruct it using latest technologies. Make sure your website has an admin panel which will let you update the business information yourself whenever required. These updates keep your business websites up to date and attract more viewers each day.

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