iPhone Apps vs. Android Apps – All that You Need to Know

Mobile devices have simplified our lives in many ways. Whether it is ordering your favourite food, booking a cab or buying your favourite dress, our smartphones have emerged as true friends in need. With the mobile technology growing at such a fast pace, mobile apps has become a vital part of the digital ecosystem. Mobile technologies have also revolutionized the way in which businesses interact with the end-users.

So if you want to have a competitive edge over your competitors, you must start thinking about developing your own mobile app.  This is more so because mobile apps have the capability to open up new business opportunities for your business. But for this you need to hire the best mobile app developers in London, who have the knowledge to develop cutting-edge mobile apps.

Mobile application development has become more important for businesses than ever. It is also important to develop the mobile app for the right platform. This means you have to develop a mobile app on the platform used by majority of the end-users. The two most common mobile app platforms are: iOS and Android and most businesses develop their mobile apps on either or both these platforms.

iPhone vs. Android App Development

The most important question that arises when developing a mobile app is “whether to develop an app for iOS or Android first”? Even though the market share for Android has exceeded 80%, mobile app development on either platform has their own set of challenges.

Even though a number of businesses are developing their apps on Android, it may take longer to develop an Android app which means bigger time commitments and higher overall cost of development. Why does it take longer to develop an Android app?

  • More Codes to be Written: Most android apps are written in Java, which means lengthy scripts as compared to Objective-C or Swift. You need more time to write lengthier codes and chances of potential bugs are also higher. Testing your app also takes longer.
  • Slower Emulators: Android emulators are many times slower than iOS simulators, which means slower development rate.
  • Fragmentation: Developing apps on Android means you have to test the codes on a larger number of devices and chances of vendor-specific bugs are higher.
  • XML Layouts: Layouts of Android apps are written manually in XML, so there is lesser scope of using the “What You See Is What You Get” technique as compared to iOS.

So how to determine whether you should develop your app on iOS first?

Mobile app development for iOS has definite advantages over Android. Even though iOS does not have a global following like Android, if you are targeting the affluent class, then developing a mobile application on iOS is legitimate. If you want to integrate in-app purchases within your business model, then you should start developing your app for iOS first. Compared to Android apps, iOS apps generate 4 times more revenues per user. The iOS platform offers much more stability compared to Android and you don’t have to worry about fragmentation.

But there are certain things that you need to remember when designing an app for iOS. The iPhone users have higher expectations than Android users, so make sure the look and feel of the app is top notch. Using frameworks can simplify the development process, but most of these apps are licensed. This means you have to buy the licenses, which results in higher development costs.

The platform that you choose will depend on your business model and your target audience. Know your audience well and have a clear plan as to how the apps will help you generate revenue. Once you have a clear idea about this, you will know which way to head.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Mobile App Developer

To make sure you have the best mobile app developed, you need to hire good mobile app developers in London. With the increasing popularity of mobile apps, almost everyone offer mobile application development services. So, finding the right mobile app developer in London can be very tough.

If your company still does not have a mobile app, it is time that you start thinking about developing one. The first step would be locating the experienced and affordable mobile app developers. To ensure you hire the best services, here are some questions that you ask the mobile app developers:

Examples of App Developed by Them Previously

Well established and experienced app developers should be eager to show you a list of apps developed by them. Seeing the examples you will get an idea, whether they have the skills required to develop your apps. Also, ask whether they have the expertise to develop apps on various platforms or not.

Ask for Past References of Clients

Speaking directly to the past clients is essential to know whether the developers actually developed the apps or not. You can contact them and ask about the reliability of developers you are considering. You should not be surprised if the developers give you references of clients who are happy with their work.

If you want to check the credibility of the developers, check their professional connections and perform thorough background checks.

Type of Testing They Perform for the Apps

Ideally, if the developers are developing an app for iOS they should be testing the apps on iPhone. Similarly, if you want the app to be developed on Android, the app developers should test it across various android devices. So when you meet the developers, ask how they test the apps before launching. If they have their own devices, then it is a good sign.

Remuneration for Developing Apps

Enquire about the fees and payment terms before signing the contract. Check whether they charge on a per-hour basis or charge a flat fee. Remember, iOS apps cost more than Android apps, so set the budget accordingly. To get the best rates, shop around and compare rates.

Additional Queries

There are a few more things that you need to ask the mobile app developers in London, before you take the final decision. These include:

  • The mode and frequency of communications
  • Special expertise, if any
  • Additional services like submission to app stores, etc.


To make the most of today’s digital world, it is essential to have a mobile app. You will be surprised to know that there are hundreds and thousands of mobile apps available on the app stores, but does each app offer similar kind of experience? NO!

This is the reason why you need to hire professional mobile app developers in London who have the capability to design and develop apps that will grab user attention. Developing apps on the right platform is also essential to attract the right kind of audience and improve the ROI. Know your audience well and choose the right platform and see the revenue skyrocket.

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