Marketing Strategies with Free Mobile Apps

If you think launching a free mobile app is the key to earn millions, you should know that there are a lot of factors to be considered before a free mobile app earns something for you. There are millions of apps in the app store which gets unnoticed because of inappropriate or lack of marketing strategies used with those apps.

The free download is preferred by most customers as compared to pay downloads. Hence offering a free download of a mobile app can increase your customer array and increase the chances of downloads. Gathering customers for your app is not an easy task and will require a planned strategy and sometimes investment to make people addicted to using your mobile app. Only when you have a huge happy customer count, your mobile app will gain popularity in the market and will help you earn money by advertising and also arise other money-making possibilities for you.

Improving App visibility:

There are millions of apps in the app store. So, making your mobile app visible to people when they scroll down the list in the app store is the first thing to consider. Most apps fail because they get unnoticed by customers. Appropriate app name and informative description is most important. The name of the Mobile App should be as catchy as possible and a proper description should help the customers evaluate the purpose of the app. Icons and screenshots are also important. Attractive and informative visuals encourage people to download mobile apps. Appropriate verbs used with visuals improve the download rate. The first thing they notice about an app is its Icon, name, and description. Hence it is worth spending time and money on making it as effective as possible.

Launching free version for Mobile Apps:

If you have something really interesting and useful to offer with your app and wish to take a download fee from the customers, launching a free version for your app can help you get more customers. You can let your customers experience your app and prompt them to download the paid version with more features once they get used to the free version. If your app is efficient enough to provide the ultimate user experience, converting them for upgrading or downloading the paid version becomes easy for you. This strategy is beneficial but you have to maintain the free as well as paid versions for your mobile app.

Introducing referral programs:

Referral programs are the new way to increase your customer count and this can increase the download rate tremendously. It works as a word of mouth and people like to get benefit out of it as it mostly involves monetary reward or free services. People refer it to friends and family and try to get the most out of it. And this, in turn, provides huge benefits to you as your app gains a lot of visibility. This strategy might need some investment but it provides good returns.

Choosing a marketing strategy totally depends on the purpose of your app. Your mobile app should provide convenience to customers in some way. The purpose of your app could be entertainment, service or resolving their day to day problems, selecting a marketing strategy completely depends on the purpose of your business and your targeted customers.

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