Technical aspects of Mobile App Development for Your Business in the UK

A Mobile Application can add a great value to your business and has brought a huge revolution in every industry. When making a decision of opting for a mobile app development for your business excites you about the profits and positive changes it will bring to your business, choosing the right technology for the same can be challenging.

Before considering the technical aspects of building a mobile app, it is important to document the various factors which will help you decide the best technology for use. Some of them are as follows:

  • Features of the mobile application
  • Target audience
  • Budget for building a mobile application


The technology to be used for a mobile app development for your business would be decided based on whether your mobile app is built for providing information to your customers or for much more complex work like selling things online.

If the app requires using some of the smartphones hardware features like Bluetooth, camera or push notifications then you may require building a Native App. A native app is developed to run on particular operating systems only.

Pros of building a Native App

  • It works very smooth and fast as it is specifically designed for that system.
  • It can use hardware features of the device on which it is running.
  • It always provides the look and feels as expected as it is designed for the specific system.

Cons of using a Native App

  • Code for Native App cannot be reused.
  • It requires new development from scratch if needs to deploy on another operating system.
  • Native App development uses technical languages like Objective-C or Java. Although tools are made available by companies like Apple and Android for simplifying the development and customization of the app, building a team for separate version might incur a huge development cost.

There are many different types of Native Apps which you can choose to develop according to your business requirement. If you want to choose cross-platform App development, creating a hybrid app can also be considered. Hybrid Apps can run on different servers but uses a web browser on the device to run the app. It is not as fast as the Native Apps. If you want to avoid a mobile app development for your business considering its cost, updating your Web App into responsive or adaptive design pattern can help you create a smartphone version for your business. Responsive design pattern uses the latest technology like HTML5 and CSS3 which are quite popular and technical help for these languages are easily available.

Pros for building a Web App

  • Developing and customizing web app can be easy and technical help for building a web App is easily available as it uses the popular programming languages.
  • It can be accessed from any device and any browser. It adjusts its design according to the screen size. Hence, it provides a user-friendly experience for your customers.

Cons for Building a Web App

  • It runs on the browser and cannot use any of the device features.
  • It cannot be made available on mobile play store as other Native Apps and hence its accessibility is reduced.
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