Tips to Offer Excellent Customer Services through Your Website

Tips to Offer Excellent Customer Services through Your Website

  • Only 37 percent websites got a good or excellent customer experience score in 2012. While 6 percent brands received poor score – Forrester.
  • 54 percent customers share their bad experiences with more than five people and 33 percent customers share their good experiences with more than 5 people – Dimensional Research
  • 89 percent customers switched over to a competitor due to bad customer experiences – RightNow
  • Up to 60 percent of the customers will pay more for good customer experiences – Desk

What do you understand from all the above data? If you are a seasoned marketer, you would at once understand that all these data indicate how important ‘Customer Experience’ is to survive in this highly competitive eco-system. The competition is fierce out there and companies who still haven’t prioritized customer experience need to think again.

Till now there has been a lot of buzz going on about “UX” and “UI”, but in 2016 all you need to think about is ‘CX’ or customer experience.

What is Customer Experience?

Businesses had been focussing on product/ service quality, value of money spent or quality of customer all this time, but now they need to shift their attention towards customer experience (CX). So what exactly is CX?

CX is defined as the customer’s end-to-end journey with your brand. Customer experience refers to the cumulative experience of the customer while interacting with the business and developing a relationship with the brand.

With the advent of social network and real-time interactive eco-systems, it has become crucial to offer excellent customer experiences. Customers are able to share their experiences, both good and bad in real time with their friends and family, which can directly affect your business.

Nurturing your relationship with the customers has become more important than ever, to ensure growth of business. Creating long-lasting relationships between your customers and your brand can spark positive word of mouth that can help you reach the next level. So how you ensure a positive customer experience for your customers? Read on.

Tips to Offer Excellent Customer Experience

Playing the role of a marketer can be a real tough one – you have a lot of content to manage, manage multiple channels, give out the right messages and above all you need to make sure the customers don’t face any bad experiences, so save the online reputation of your brand.

So you need to have a solid strategy to ensure you build a strong and long-lasting customer relationship by offering the best customer experience:

Real Customer Interaction

No matter how you much spend on marketing strategies, the best type of marketing is ‘word-of-mouth’. It is found that customers who get their problems solved quickly, tell four to six people about their good experiences. This allows many more people know about your brand and how much you value your customers.

To make sure your customers happy, you need to interact with them regularly. Talk to them directly and respond to their queries or issues as fast as you can. Social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. and blogs offer amazing opportunities to interact with the customers directly, so utilise these platforms to the maximum.

Good UI and UX     

A crucial part of a good customer experience is excellent UI and UX. This can only be achieved by developing a user-friendly and interactive website that has easy navigation and strategically placed content. There are many more things you need to look after – you need to have a responsive website to offer similar user experiences for both mobile and PC users, the user interface should be flawless and intuitive enough to impress the viewers and most importantly the content should be easily traceable, which means the visitors should be able to find what they are looking for easily and quickly.

Know Your Customers

You must have read this many times before but most people talk about understanding the demands of the users. It is true that the first step to know your customers is to understand what they are looking from you, but you also need to know their grievances.

Make sure you listen to your customers patiently – listen to whatever they have to say, good, bad or even stupid. Customer feedbacks mean a lot; you can improve a lot based on what the customers think about you. Find out ways to get customer feedbacks – ask them what they think about you through opinion polls, surveys, social media, emails, etc. Remember, some people might talk bad about your brand but don’t come on too strong. Tackle strategically!

Ongoing and Best Quality Customer Service

One third of the customers say they have experienced rude customer service at least once in a month and about 58 percent of them share their ill experiences with their friends.

Dissatisfaction with the quality of customer service is top reason why brands lose their customers to their competitors. To ensure best customer experience for your customers, make sure you put all efforts to offer excellent customer services. Respond to customer queries quickly and actively and offer the best solutions to help your customers solve their problems.

Good quality customer service is better than offering rock bottom prices, since customers appreciate the high quality tips and advice more than cheap products/ services. To improve your credibility, customer service is inevitable.

So when preparing the marketing plan, make sure you include customer experience as one of the most important factors.


Today’s customers are more educated and more aware of what is going around. Today’s customers don’t get wooed by rock bottom prices; they look for the best value for their money. So in order to make sure you retain your existing customers and attract new prospects, a positive customer experience is important.

By offering excellent customer experience, you will achieve customer loyalty and an increase in revenue and sales. The best thing you will build stronger customer relationships which mean you improve your credibility and trustworthiness among prospective customers. More and more people will be willing to get involved with your brand. Customer experience has become the most important factor of online marketing, so put in your best efforts to offer your customers with the best experience ever.

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