Top 5 Best Android Apps of 2015

Google Play has been exploded with apps of various domains in the recent years and the options available can be overwhelming. With Apple preparing to launch their latest edition of Apple phones, the iPhone 6, experts anticipate there would be huge increase in the revenue for Apple. But the fact still remains that only a mere 15 percent of the world’s population (those belonging to the affluent class) can afford an iPhone.  The rest of the world depends on Android phones.

Owing to the fact that iPhones serve only a small percentage of the population, why would anyone bother to launch an app on a platform that would not give them the maximum exposure? According to a study by research firm IDC in Q4 2013, 78 percent share of the global users belongs to Google’s Android platform. Whereas, Apple’s share is just 18 percent, which is negligible compare to Android’s market share. This is expected to increase up to 80.2 percent for Android, while that for Apple will lower further to 14.8 percent. Studies by Distimo also indicate that the mobile app revenue is gradually increasing for Android compared to Apple.


So if you want your app to enjoy maximum visibility, you need to hire affordable android app developers and get your android mobile apps developed at the earliest.

Best Android Apps for 2015

There is a myriad of choices when it comes to Android apps, which include travel, news, social networking, photo, videos and much more. With such overwhelming options, at times it becomes very difficult to identify the best app that you should download to make life easier.

With the holiday season fast approaching, you might be planning to get a new upgraded mobile device to make life faster, but if you have budget constraints, you can rev up your old device with trendy new android mobile apps. When talking about best android apps, you must consider two things – excellence and elegance; this means the best apps should offer something that no other app does. Also remember, best apps do not mean they will be shiny and complicated.

Apps that have performed well have been the simplest and the most user friendly. This means anyone – with or without the knowledge of apps will be able to use it without hassles. So if you are an entrepreneur or own a business and are willing to develop your own app, make sure the affordable Android app developer you hire know what it takes to create an outstanding mobile app.

Finding new helpful apps can be very tricky, so here is a list of top 10 android apps that can transform your life for better.

  1. The “Cover” App

Cover app is an effective and impressive lock screen app that determines when and where you use specific apps and displays them on the lock screen. This makes access to other apps easier, so you don’t have to browse through pages of apps to find the one you need. For example, if you are in office the email app will be on the lock screen. It also replaces the standards lock screen with a cover that displays all your favourite apps. This mobile app makes access to various apps easier since you don’t have to unlock the phone to reach a specific mobile app.

  1. Podcast Addict

The popularity of podcasts is on a rise and the Podcast Addict is a must-have app for those glued to podcasts. It is a free service that enables you to download and listen to your favourite podcasts. You can also create playlists of upcoming shows that you want to get tuned in to.

It also has a “trending” search feature that helps you know about the other currently popular podcasts in your areas of interests. The Podcast Addict has everything that a good podcast mobile app should have and do for its users.

  1. Google Play Music

There are hundreds of music apps but most of them are not up-to-the-mark. Some lack in features, while some get removed due to the copyright-impinging functionality. Google Play Music on the other hand offers you a seamless experience along with providing all the features and functionalities that give you access to the never-ending list of tracks and downloads, from well known music artists.

There are some paid music apps like Spotify and SoundCloud, but if you want to enjoy free services, Google Play Music will be the best choice.

  1. Evernote Scannable

This is a new app launched by Evernote that allows the users to scan documents and save it in the Evernote account. Just point your camera towards the document you need to scan and the app scans a clear and accurate version of the same. You can also invite others to edit the scanned documents. Other cool features of this app include the ability to extract contact information from business cards and get them added to the   address book.

  1. Camera360 Ultimate

Almost everyone wants to take pride in shooting flawless pictures and owing to the fact that most smartphones are provided with high-end cameras, you should be able to capture moments in the best way possible. Here is where the Camera360 Ultimate app comes out to be a clear winner. It offers a multitude of features like over 200 filters, many one-touch fixing tools and NFC photo sharing features. The app is extremely useful and easy-to-use and is perfect for both experienced and new photographers.

  1. Swiftkey

Swiftkey stands out as the best keyboard app because of its “Fluency Engine,” which enables your phone to understand what you want to type, even before you do so.  Even though the Google’s stock keyboard has been upgraded, Swiftkey remains ahead of competition.

Other features that make it the most desirable keyboard android apps are it is customisable, user-friendly, and responsive. You can also access your personalised keyboard on any mobile device using Swiftkey.


These are just a few Android apps that have revolutionised the app industry and have helped users in a number of ways. You can find a number of apps in other popular categories like travel, weather, news, games and many more.

Having a mobile app is very important to bring your business to the foreground and let people know about your company and the services/ products you offer. That being said, just having an app would not be sufficient. If you want to create a great app, you need to identify the features that users are looking for and features that other similar apps do not offer.

Once you have a clear idea about what your goals are and what the user desires for, you can merge them to develop a great product (mobile app) that becomes the talk of the town in no time.

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