Understand Payment Acceptance – How do Payment Gateways or Internet Merchant Account Work?

It is important that you understand how Payment Gateways work so you can approach them professionally. This is what happens:

There are some Payment Gateways where you do not need to acquire a Internet Merchant Account. Examples of such gateways are:

1                     PayPal

2                     Google

3                     WoldPay

4                     Barclays Payment Gatway

5                     HSBC Payment Gatway

95% of all Payment Gateway Providers in the UK will ask you to have an Internet Merchant Account. This IMA Number is used by them to process your payments from that Payment Merchant.

Unless you have an Internet Merchant Number, we cannot process the payments from any of these gateways and even if you open accounts with them, you will just be paying the charges without being able to take payments. Some facts about Internet Merchant Account Number:

1              You can only have 1 Internet Merchant Number linked to one payment gateway.

2              It is not advisable to have several Internet Merchant Numbers, but technically that is possible.

3              They will charge you a fixed fee per month for this service.

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