Using Analytics Tools with Your Mobile App

Analytics tools give you an important information and statistics for user behavior on your mobile app. Numbers for total download for your mobile app, a source from which most users download your app, knowing an area from which maximum revenue is generated for your business and other user behavior can be understood with analytics tools. These numbers help you understand the areas in your business which require more attention and take better business decisions.

It tracks important keys like acquisition, activation, revenue, retention, and referral for you and results into better business insights. Let’s discuss some of the popular and powerful mobile analytics tools which can help you enhance your business insights.

Free Mobile App Analytics Tools:

Google Mobile App Analytics:

  • It is one of the best analytics tools and is enriched with lots of features. It easily gets integrated with Google Play and is easy to learn for experienced analytics users.
  • It supports both IOS and Android platforms. This tool is very promising and provides accurate results.
  • It helps you know which area in your mobile app is most enjoyed by users and which in-app revenue model they used and generated income for you. It tracks all your new users and which location they come from.
  • It also gives retention statistics of users and gets you crash reports for your mobile app and also tracks app speed for you.

Flurry Analytics

  • This analytics tool lets you create around 10 different dashboards. It provides detailed reports and helps you monitor multiple types of statistics.
  • It supports platforms like IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Java
  • It helps you track active users, user sessions, session lengths and their retention rate.
  • It allows filters like app version, dates, location, usage, session etc.
  • Flurry analytics is a bit confusing and it requires lots of clicks to find information.


  • Apsalar is going to become the most popular analytics tool for all the benefits it has for its users.
  • It supports platforms like IOS and Android.
  • It provides analytics over multiple apps and is complete in itself as it provides all the required analytics information.
  • It provides real-time data and tracks user’s engagement across time.
  • It has a customizable dashboard which allows you to prioritize data according to the one you want to see first.
  • It also allows you to create events and segments based on the user’s requirements.
  • It has free tools for measuring performance and tools for defining the target audience for advertising activities.

Asking Point

  • It supports unique system of reviews/polls along with providing mobile analytics.
  • It supports a platform like IOS and Android.
  • It provides analytics on App usage, Version, Demographics, and It allows you to create custom events which define how users used your mobile app.
  • It allows you to create users group according to app usage and send them a survey to rate your app.
  • It provides basic analytics and has fewer features as compared to other tools.

These free mobile analytics tools help you with accurate app metrics and give you data which can be used to enhance your mobile app performance and improve your audience count.

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