With Rapid Development Tools, Mobile App Development Is In Your Hands

Small business finds it difficult to maintain a development team for developing a mobile app. With less budget and lack of technical knowledge about the platform required to build an app, there is always a fear of inappropriate guidance from the third party. If your app requirement is not very complicated, you do not have to rely on others’ opinion and can figure out your mobile app development solutions by yourself.

These days, a number of low code or no code tools are available which can create an app for you with simple drag and drop facility and provides numerous other features. Some of the tools are free for use and allows further customization as well. With so much ease with developing a mobile app, there is no reason for any business for not utilizing benefits of having a mobile app.

Open Source App Development Tools

Framework7, JQueryMobile, BuildFire.js, Ionic are some of the open source tools available for mobile app development. Let’s discuss benefits and limitations of using an open source development tool.


  • Free of cost
  • Free inbuilt plugins available for use
  • Easy and Quick Development


  • Detailed customization might require learning and expertise over tools and can be less convenient as compared to paid components.

Drag and Drop Featured App Development Tools

EachScape and BuildFire are no code development tools and allow you to build an app with simple drag and drop editor. It allows creating native apps for iOS and Android.


  • App development is possible without knowledge of coding.
  • Free to use while developing a mobile app.


  • You have to pay while you publish the mobile app created with these tools on App Stores
  • Might not fulfill requirements of very complicated features requiring mobile apps.

Low Code App Development Tools

Android Studio, Apple XCode is the most popular low code development tools. These tools offer a great platform to create native tools.


  • Both development platforms are a trusted source and offer strong technical support channel.
  • Best used for building native apps and hence provides access to device assets like Bluetooth, cam, message etc.


  • For complex app development, free available sources might not be enough if you lack technical knowledge for development.
  • With complicated features, proficiency over tool is required.

AppMachine, Appsmakerstore, the App Institute, Appy Pie, Mobin Cube etc. are some other low code development tools which help you to create low-cost mobile apps and are easy to use. Every tool you choose to use for development will have some benefits to offer and will have few drawbacks as well. If your mobile app doesn’t have any complex features, it is wise to use these tools and manage your development budget for building a mobile app. Spending little time understanding these tools and technology will help you make a clear decision and offer you benefits of owning a mobile app.

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