5 Biggest App Marketing to Avoid

App Marketing

Apple's Appstore and Google Play offer over 4 million apps. A person searching through the app stores has dozens of choices. The pre-launch marketing will determine the overall opinion and popularity of your app. In fact, it also dictates how many people decide to download it.

Remember, marketing should be continuous as it is a way to entice people to download it more. If not run correctly, you might experience a sales slump and a bad overall return on the investment.

Here are some critical mobile marketing mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Not Setting The Right Expectation

Have you heard about "under-promise or over-deliver?" If you market your app as the greatest in the world and can't back up your claims, you might be disappointing the people who download it.

Don't sell yourself short. It's best to talk about the benefits of the apps and highlight their unique selling point. However, never exaggerate. In this way, your consumers know exactly what they're getting after they download the app.

Also, it's best to add some screenshots too.

Failing To Optimize The App In App Store

You must have heard about SEO (search engine optimization). However, there is ASO (App store optimization). Most people discover apps simply from browsing the app store. If you haven't worked on the app that makes it stand ahead in the competition, you're missing a big deal.

Also, before the optimization kick-starts, make sure you have the correct understanding of the targeted audience. If you optimize for the faulty keywords, you won't see the result you're looking for.

Here are some steps that you may take

Failing To Drive App Reviews

Regardless of the app you plan to build; you'll come across a range of competitors. The best way to make your target audience choose you is to get good reviews. Social proof plays a considerable role in an app purchasing decision. Also, a high rating will give you a better ranking in the app store.

There are many approaches to encourage users to review your app. The digital marketing agency helps you to prompt users to review your app. These are intelligent techniques that you can run in order to generate engagement. Note it down; Apple has started to remove apps that offer incentives to their users.

Non-Utilization of Microsite for Your App

A microsite is basically a web page. It exists independently from the man company's website. Your microsite can be used to promote one specific product or service. You don't need to develop a microsite to promote a mobile app; however, doing so could help your overall mobile marketing strategy.

In case you plan to pitch your app to blogs and other media outlets, the microsite can be helpful.

Failure To Use Social Networks

You're probably using social media to connect with your target audience. However, using a different social media marketing strategy for your app can be pretty beneficial. Here's what you should promote on your app on social media