Black Hat SEO Techniques to Stay Away for Online Growth

Search Engine Optimisation

As a business holder, what’s your dream? Of course, rapid growth and a good badge to show your customers. Every website wants to succeed. In fact, this was possible a few years ago when black hat SEO could swiftly do the job. In fact, the blacks hat SEO technique was one of those shortcuts which many businesses and startups used to grow over time. But it won't be a surprise that, as they grew faster, they fell even quicker.

Search engines have been hunting down black hat SEO techniques for a very long time. Therefore, applying the technique will eventually end up making things worse than expected. As you stick with us, we'll put a detailed insight into black hat techniques that your online marketing company might be using knowingly or unknowingly.


Cloaking is a common way to earn traffic through deception. Here, you can allow entirely different content or URL to a visitor than to the search engine spider. Google runs bots to validate your website information for indexing. If it displays two different pages, one for the bot and the other for the visitor, you have cloaked. It may generate lots of traffic but only for a short time. Sooner or later, you will find yourself hunted by search engines. Apart from de-indexing overnight, Google may also penalize your site.

Gateway Pages

Have you come across pages that are messy and stuffed completely with rich keywords. Although search engines have already de-listed such pages, some may be an exception and are in the process. In fact, these pages don't have any valuable information they are here only to stuff rich keywords and draw the attention of your visitors, sending them to other pages. Nowadays, you may not use these tactics, but most pages fail to provide relevant information which may also be considered spam. Therefore, make sure the gateway pages are relevant and provide quality content.

Paid Links

Link building is undoubtedly vital for ranking your website on the search engine. However, the process is not straightforward and requires real work, effort, and quality. Site owners have found a way to go for paid links. In fact, you don't have to worry about content quality. On the other side, if a search engine detects this, the consequence might be unthinkable. Not only Google de-lists, but it also lowers down the page rank and may cut down the traffic flow. Google may accept paid links only if they are relevant, trustworthy, and valuable. Google has a strong stand on the paid link, make sure your digital marketing experts know about it.

Hidden Link or Tiny Text

This is a common practice and a black hat SEO technique. Here, you set the same colour as the background over the text or the link. This allows you to stuff keywords which visitors may not be able to see. These are absolutely incorrect way and maybe opposite to your objective. Remember, anything that goes against the user's interest is objectionable.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content means stealing or theft. You should never copy others content and paste into your site. Search engines can quickly figure out duplicate contents. Although this is not considered a black hat technique, however, the search engine won't remorse to penalize your site. It's best if your content has 0% plagiarism. Also, copying information and not mentioning the source is manipulation, and you may be penalized.

Stuffing Keywords

Keyword stuffing is an extremely followed trend run by SEO companies. If your SEO content includes stuffed keywords, it's a big red flag. Make sure your content writers work on it. It can significantly degrade your website ranking. Moreover, the search engine will penalize sooner or later.

Social Network Spamming

Promoting service to users on the social network, which they didn't ask for is another big flaw in your marketing strategy. Another characteristic, it could be deceptive or perhaps a lie or something ant-social. This is considered a wrong technique. It may not only ruin your reputation but also get your customers annoyed.

Final Wrap

These were a few flaws that your website should never run. Building a brand through SEO is very easy. What matters is consistency. However, the shortcut technique only crumbles down your site ranking. Moreover, make sure you have an experienced team. Black hat SEO techniques are result driven, but in the end, you will be caught.