Complete Guide to the Google RankBrain Algorithm

Complete Guide to the Google RankBrain Algorithm

We won't hesitate to tell you that Google RankBrain has revolutionized the search result. Before the RankBrain, 100% of the algorithm was hand-coded however as of now RankBrain tweaks the algorithm. In fact, the RankBrain outperformed Google Engineers while searching the best page.

What Exactly is the Rankbrian?

RankBrain is a system that helps Google understand the users intent of a query. Rolled out in 2015, RankBrain was utilized by the search engine giant to segment searches that were previously never used. It merely uses the machine learning (AI) algorithm to sort out all the results. Perhaps, depending upon the keyword, the RankBrain values the importance of backlinks, content freshness, content length, domain authority etc.

Google now runs the RankBrain to determine through an interpersonal model including factors like the location of the searcher, personalization and the words to seek the actual intent. This only helps Google analyze relevant results. Google feeds the data to the RankBrain, and further "teaches" it. The system exclusively calculates and gathers the exact product.

Significance of Keywords for Targeting RankBrain

Prior to the RankBrain, Google needed to scan pages to see if they contained the exact keyword. New keywords required to be fed again as the search engine lacked the knowledge. As of now, the RankBrain tries to figure out what exactly does a person's search means! For instance, Google RankBrain understands that Paris and France are related similar to Berlin and Germany (capital and country) and not the same way Madrid and Italy.

Optimizing the Rankbrain

Google has never outlined how RankBrain works explicitly. We can only make intelligent guesses about how the system works. In fact, some tools can efficiently help in optimizing. Likewise, here's what the trend follows

RankBrain and SEO

RankBrain may have a minor or significant role depending upon the sophistication of SEO skills.

Signals for Queries

It might access the website optimization by evaluating all the traditional signals. Perhaps, SEO needs to determine the types of content the user serves. E.g., for a sudden hurricane, you should count on the freshness while historical topics prefer the depth of the content.

Signals for Web Reputation

SEO builds brand reputation. It is further best to build a reputation of the domainbased on the signals it wants to serve. RankBrain has proven to create an environment that satisfies a particular need.

Keyword Planning

The advent of RankBrain highlights the wisdom of focusing on the total keyword concept with a comprehensive flow of content. On the contrary, it nullifies the breaking out multiple pages to cover variants. Modern SEO comprises all of these techniques.


RankBrain is not precisely a signal but a system that didn't produce results instead focused on the type and meaning of a query and weights of the signs as per the definition. It is more or less a filter.