Effective Ways to Bring Website Growth in 2021

Website Growth

To rank high enough in the search engine, you will need to play the rules as laid by Google. To be at the top, its best to improve the SEO efforts. In today's data-driven world, websites need to analyze and interpret their efforts on SEO. Even the smallest little change of your website content can enhance the content rating on Google.

Here we'll focus on how to run better SEO in 2021 and rank at the top in Google. Here are some of the proven tactics used by our digital experts in V1 Technologies.

Integrating Google Analytics to Track Metrics

Google Analytics is a helpful tool and allows you to understand the functionalities of SEO. It helps you understand your website, allowing you to make an intelligent data-based decision. On the other side, metrics enable you to curate your content and understand how exactly ranking works. Some of the metrics that you can track includes:

Re-Developing Low Performing Pages

The common thing about content marketers working on high-developing content is that they provide an engaging content topic that intellectually connects their readers. Most of the successful content marketers brainstorm ideas into a conversation which means you are now bound to turn up at some point. Also, there are a range of content audit tools that can quickly capture important data points like

Once these pages get identified, it is best to start working on it. Also, developing a resonating content for your website will put you ahead in the long-run.

Coordination of Primary & Secondary Keywords

Smooth flow of keyword not only puts your website at the right spot but also enables you to understand what exactly your audience wants from you. Google and other search engines prefer content that offers natural flow. Meanwhile, keywords should naturally come in the content. Also, identifying semantically related secondary keywords helps the content rank at the top.

Usage of Efficient Header Tags

Every content needs to be organized logically with the most relevant information at the top of the page. You should know that over 80% of readers only spend on the top of the page. But, Google doesn't really index context based on what is at the top of the page. Consider adding jump links. This allows you to add header tags creatively. Also, it makes the user experience more enjoyable. Strategically running header tags allows search engines to understand the content in a much better way. Addition of keywords into headers will make things smooth.

Optimizing Images

Even the best of marketers undervalue image optimization. In contrast, it boosts SEO. Here are some of the benefits of using abstract visual content

Making Site Mobile Friendly

More than 60% of Google search happens through mobile phones. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the website is optimized for mobile phone users. Also, Google rewards sites that have mobile-optimized content.