Essential 4 Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies

Essential 4 Marketing

It’s comparatively hard for B2B marketers to directly connect with the audience. Social media, medium, loyalty programs play a convenient role for B2C to resonate with their customers, whereas, B2B products and services are complex, niche localized and often their existence is unknown to the potential customers. Yet, there are ways for B2B marketers to directly get in touch with their customers with these 4 ways of marketing strategies.

Influencer Marketing for B2B

This can be done by using the social media platform. You have to identify people who are industry influencers. Targeting those micro influencer professionals with under 10000 followers on social media is a good way to identify people with an established community and high niche relevance for your target audience. Once you have identified the people of synonymous interest, you have to consider what kind of marketing activity would be beneficial for both of you targeting your potential customers.

Emotion-Led Marketing for B2B

People tend to buy products or service when they see personal value in it. This is the key factor for every business. B2B marketing is often considered as an emotion-free zone, a place only involves numbers and quantifiable results, but the selling of B2B products often involves marketing to multiple decision makers, and they are indeed motivated by emotions.

Event-Marketing for B2B

In the era of digital marketing, real-world events still hold great value as meeting clients in person is still an effective way to generate leads and close the deals. In 75 percent of cases, B2B marketers agree, hosting an event has led them towards more marketing success. But event marketing comes with crucial challenges, as a B2B marketer you have to keep the revenue on check as you have to host the event from scratch. Event budget spends are way higher than other marketing strategies. So, you have to plan everything carefully keeping your budget incheck and make sure you capture your leads effectively from the real world meeting.

LinkedIn Marketing for B2B

B2B related topics are less likely to go viral on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Possibly it will never go viral on these platforms as these are for personal data sharing and less professional. But LinkedIn gets more corporate visit than any other social media platform. Social Media Marketing can be a rich source of leads and traffics for your B2B marketing.