Google’s December 2020 Core Update and Key Takeaways

Google Latest Update

Google has come out with its 2020 December broad core update that it began rolling out on December 3, 2020. However, the core update is complete as of now. Many sites saw an increase in organic traction. As per our research, the first three days saw a good response, but everything reversed after then. We can confirm that Google must have launched the reversal update too.

Many site owners even went out to social media forums like Twitter to express their dismay due to the fall in their website ranking. Again, Google has valued content over anything else. The core algorithm updates are intended to revise the search result by preferring quality content.

The most common reason behind the downfall of the site is due to stale content. Likewise, although Google claims to have confirmed about the rollout; however, the algorithm update does take time. On the other side, this update is more significant than the previous one that happened in May.

Perhaps, Google Algorithms found many things changed during the pandemic, and therefore, it required major assessment.

What To Do If You Are Hit

Google like before recommended on what to do if your website is negatively impacted. Likewise, there aren't any specific ways or actions to recover, and there isn't anything wrong with the page too. Google offers a list of question to consider regarding the website when hit by core update. Meanwhile, as of now, it's best to run fresh, relevant and innovative content that your customer's like to stick with. Remember, if your audience is satisfied with the content, your ranking will rise just like before.

It’s a Guessing Game

While Google claims to have spoken about its December update, critics on the other side have a different story. They claim that just like before, Google has not been vocal about the 2020 December Core Update. You should have noted that since October, the Webmaster Console's URL inspector has been disabled and this has many things to tell about the update.

It is equally worthy to note that the shift in ranking for eCommerce or other online services might not be due to individual change but rather due to Google's Update. On the other side, if you aren't able to figure out, you need to further analyze through corrective actions.


Final Wrap

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