Google Guarantee Badge: Is It Really Worth It

Google Guarantee Badge

Are you searching for ways to enhance online visibility? Do you need the support of reputed organizations like Google to drum up the business? Owning a Google Guarantee Badge might be an ideal solution. In fact, this badge powers your business which can significantly boost visibility, attracting more numbers of customers to your business. So, what exactly is a Google Guarantee Badge? As you stick with us as we'll put a detailed insight into Google's latest badge.

Google Guarantee Badge

Google Guarantee Badge signifies membership in the Google Guarantee program. It is a part of GoogleAdWords, i.e., the program that focuses primarily on local business for the home service sector. Now, businesses that qualify for the program will receive the badge, which they can display on their company listing on the Google SERPs.

The badge serves as a seal of approval and indicates high regard for a particular business.

Benefits of Google Guarantee Program

Businesses are actively possessing the Google Guarantee Badge to gain an advantage online over their competitors. The endorsement from Google enhances their reputation amongst the online community. Customers are more likely to click a business link with a Google Guarantee Badge.

Companies possessing Google Guarantee Badge enjoy greater visibility over their competitors. While this badge is a part of AdWords, businesses displaying on their website have enjoyed more prominence than the Google Search Ads.

How Customers Benefit From the Program

The Google Guarantee program benefits the customer as well. Google covers all the transactions that take place between the customers and the business. If a customer stays dissatisfied with the service, they may claim a reimbursement of up to $2000.

The transaction needs to be booked via local services to qualify for reimbursement. All the claims need to be submitted within 30 days after the transaction happens.

Here's what Google Guarantee covers

Pricing for Google Guarantee Badge

Membership costs $50/month. However, this doesn't include the cost of background or eligibility licensing checks. Considering all the points, it comes around $600. Remember, Google Guarantee is a value-added service for businesses that use AdWords. However, companies that use AdWords may not necessarily sign-up for Google Ads. The monthly charge goes towards costs that advertising fees would eventually cover.


The program is currently undergoing beta testing. It is now available in some US and Canadian cities. Businesses need to undergo a rigorous screening process. This includes a background check and insurance verification. Companies need to possess general liability insurance and business. This further consists of the owner's license and should be part of the Google AdWords program.

Industries Available

Google has yet to confirm the types of companies eligible for upgraded profiles. However, the Google Guaranteed certification will soon be available for businesses open within Google's Local Services advertising platform. A few areas include