Google's Mobile-First Algorithm March 2021- Is Your Business Ready?

Google's Mobile-First Algorithm

Technological platforms are constantly changing, and Google has been very much supportive of new technological advancement. Google has clearly stated that from March 2021, the search engine giant will chalk out the mobile-first algorithm. Surprisingly, this is one of the rarest circumstances that the company has spoken about pre-launch in recent years.

Now, you need to think about logically, why Google is announcing about the rollout much before. Also, is your website mobile optimized or mobile-friendly? If the announcement is way before than the launch. This means the company is allotting a time span so that your website does not get entangled after the launch.

What you should expect is, the Mobile-First Algorithm will robustly recognize websites that offer powerful optimization. If you want to ensure your website is recognized as a part of Mobile-First by Google's system, you need to take a few steps

What’s the Latest Update?

With the growth in mobile users, the upcoming algorithm is Google's master plan to make the platform more result-oriented. The algorithm will change the way Google indexes websites. Moreover, it will efficiently prioritize mobile-first websites over the desktop.

In fact, the algorithm was planned to be rolled out by Septemeber 2020, but the pandemic made Google push it back. The officials from Google stated that "It's not always easy to focus on work as otherwise, so we've decided to extend the “algorithm” timeframe to the end of March 2021.”

Earlier, Google prioritized desktop traffic but with the recent rise in mobile users, things are slowly outgrowing desktop usage. Google has the highest share of organic mobile search traffic. This will further continue rising as time passes.

How to Prepare for The Next Big Change?

Most of the websites these days are mobile-friendly; however, that doesn't mean Google will automatically recognize it on their latest optimized index. There are many areas that you need to consider when optimizing a mobile-friendly website.

Mobile Optimized Web Design

As a website owner, you should know that there's a significant difference between "mobile-friendly" and "mobile optimization." Likewise, you need to ensure that you are aiming for the latter. When going for mobile optimization, its about responsive mobile design. Remember, the overall portfolio should not be simply shrunken when viewed on a small screen.

Instead, ask your developer to resize for multiple screens, resolutions and orientations providing excellent browsing experience similar to the one when you use a desktop. You should consider hiring website designers and developers that offer quality development for your site.

Content for Mobile Viewing

Design matters to a great extent but neglecting the content would be a grave mistake. Most of the websites are heavily burdened with contents. When visiting through a small screen, specifically mobile phones, things look very complicated.

Also, you need to make sure that you're optimizing paragraphs and sentence lengths for mobile users. Likewise, the images and videos are appropriately placed. If the mobile version of the website has less content than the desktop version, add primary content (the reason why they need to visit the website).

Final Wrap

Google has mentioned that 53% of mobile users leave the site if the loading speed is more than three seconds. With the mobile-first algorithm, site speed will now be the priority for website owners.