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Graphic Course

V1 Technologies offers you Graphic Design Course to help you enhance your career options. Graphic Design is the process of using a combination of photography, typography, and illustration and using it for communication. You will learn to create a visual representation of ideas by combining various symbols, images, and text formats. We have a highly experienced and dedicated training team who will help you to build your future with creative ideas, design color principles and also help you to think out of the box in the domain of digital graphics. The course is designed in a simple way to make the learners learn the curriculum easily. You will be able to implement your creative ideas with colours and create various logos, editorial designs for books, magazines and much more.

Graphic Design Course

We will provide you the platform where you can sharpen your creativity and channelize your talent in the proper direction with our graphic designing program. This course is divided into various modules, you will learn the fundamentals of how to design and build your creative art, starting from the basics and become proficient by using a range of graphic design software. Every business across the world is conducted through the web and therefore the online presence of any organization to promote themselves and be different from others mainly depend on how the website is designed with graphic design. You will learn to mix creativity with technology and create a flawless experience for the audience.

Our course includes the following details:

Attracting attention of the online users is the first thing that you need to focus on after building a website and this can only be achieved through proper online marketing. Just having a website without visitors is no good, so we at V1 Technologies would help you improve the visibility of your business and attract maximum number of visitors. Other benefits include:

  • Introduction to graphic design.
  • Principles of Graphic Design.
  • Overview of the various modules in this course.
  • Designing Logos, Business Cards and Letterheads.
  • Colour theory and grid theory.
  • Using contrast, alignment, repetition and various tools and panels.
  • Using typography, photography, illustrations and outlining text.
  • Using layers and patterns.
  • Vector-based and pixel-based graphics.
  • Learning the colour modes of bit-map files, creating bitmap-based graphics in Photoshop and using various file resolution.
  • Using different user interfaces in Photoshop and illustrator.
  • Hands on experience on print production.
  • Practical experience in branding and advertising design.
  • Real life project on graphic design.

Why Graphic Design Course

Make the most of our Graphic design course to improve your career domain. Graphic design is an important element and plays a significant role in today's digital world. The best part in learning the Graphic Design Course from V1 Technologies is that here you get both theory and practical knowledge.

Get in touch with us to know more about the course and let us help you with learning and improving your career options.