Learn How to Design a Website

How to Design a Website

Its 2020, gone are those days when web designing required complex coding. Now, designing a website requires no professional assistance. The internet offers a wide range of platforms where you can build a website according to your choice. Meanwhile, you need to gather little knowledge before you kick start your journey. In fact, researches have shown that over 40% of visitors leave the website if it seems unattractive. Think website as a commodity, take it as a car with a fantastic design, what if the chassis sounds terrible, none would be interested in buying, same is that with your website.

Here we mention the easiest possible way to build your website for any purpose. Besides, there are many free hosting sites such as WordPress, Wix, Google Sites, where you can easily create your site. However, only if you decide to code the website, you need to have a proper idea about HTML and CSS. i.e. when you create a website from scratch. As you go for the design, follow the steps mentioned below

Make a Purpose

Prior to jumping into designing, make a clear purpose of why you need a website. Now, this can be your USP (unique selling point) that builds your customer flow. Keep in mind; there is no place for nonsense; else you brand starts losing customer engagement.

Once you make your purpose, display all the information that visitors need. It can be either selling products, sign-ups or product analysis. You need to know that the landing page should focus products along with a precise call to action keyword.

Select a Platform

For running a regular website or online store, work on any of the following address


WordPress Website Development offers self-hosted open source content management system. Besides, it is technically free and provides total control of the website. However, to get the site live, you need to pay for a domain name, web hosting, security and other plugins.


Wix is considered to be the best website builder that allows creative control to your content. Along with that comes numerous templates with surprising features for display.


Weebly is beneficial if you run a small business. The SEO guide by the support centre helps in ranking the website. Meanwhile, you get the choice to customize templates accordingly.

Work With the Trend

There is always changes happing in at some point. Take your time and do some research; meanwhile, look at your competitor's strategy; this is a vital step to fit into the industry. Add pages and contents accordingly, make sure you give much preference to the home page. Some key points to follow

Follow intuitive design

Brand the Website

Most of the brands use dominant templates along with two to three secondary colours. Add alluring visual content for engaging your customers. However, make a smart move by loading minimum images else the website will slow down. SEO matters when brandishing the site, think this way, in a race, fanciest cars have no value if the hood has nothing to offer. So, make tweaks to the images and content by interlinking pages and adjusting metadata.

Publishing the Website

Now, the website is at the final stage, however, go for a checklist before you post the website, take a short glance over the following

Note: Always take time and update your website regularly.