Key Issues to Consider When Designing Your Mobile App

Mobile App

If you are someone with an idea, you are probably wondering how to safeguard your application to ensure it succeeds. Therefore, it is worth considering the legal aspects of the application when running a business online. You should know that each stage of the application comes with legal issues for its safety.

As you stick with the article, we'll focus on the most crucial legal issues involved during the app development process.

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is a contractual document. It allows the parties to pledge to keep the information confidential legally. At V1 Technologies, we always recommend clients sign the agreement before we start the development work.

NDA helps you to protect the product concept. Likewise, multiple parties may sign the NDAs. A well-structured agreement is an efficient tool that protects your right in case you have signed a contract that breaches its condition.

You should pay attention concerning matters such as

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

It is a fundamental legal obligation to ensure the security of processing user's data. However, the specific requirement varies from country to country. Also, this requirement may totally depend upon what purpose the application serves. Some sectors like medical have a higher need for data protection.

From a technical perspective, your data must be appropriately protected. As a product owner, you are responsible for any issues regarding data leaks. Therefore, it's worth choosing a company that helps you keep your customer's data safe and secure.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions totally depend upon which country you are going to make your application available. For instance, there are legal issues in European countries that impose requirements on the contents of Terms & Conditions. This includes the recently adopted regulations on online intermediation services. Also, your app should specify

Definition of the Controller

Basic information of the business or company.

● Conditions of service provision

Basic information on what the application does, including registration, deleting account, and rules for safe usage.

● End-User License Agreement

The application is a computer program, and you need to specify the conditions of the license agreement.

● Processing of complaints and contact with the controller

The set of rules of compliant processing and information on how to contact you.

App Store Requirements

Apart from the service, your app also needs to comply with all the requirements about app publishing arising from the guidelines from Google and the guidelines from Apple. This specifically emphasizes personal data protection, including health data and information obtained from minors or intellectual property issues.


The process of app development is absolutely complex. Being negligent in any area may create an issue. When it's about legal factors, you need to work on it as soon as possible. This allows you to avoid situations your application does not meet legal requirements. Moreover, this won't further hamper the design works or other application-related issues that you have worked on.