Know About Latest Inactive and Over Storage Policies of Google

Over Storage Policies

If you are a Google application user, you must have come across a message forwarded by the search engine giant. If you've missed one, there is nothing to worry. This is a part of on Google's master plan to make the platform more crisp and commercial. The new storage policy that Google is planning to implement has much to do with Google Drive and Google Photos.

Also, this change came almost after five years of the launch of Google Photos, which absolutely uses Google's cloud storage, offering a unique feature. Revised in the month of November, the company plans to chalk it out permanently by June 2021.

As you stick with the article, we'll focus on what exactly Google services plan to run for its users.

Limited Storage Service

Google has clearly stated that starting from June 1, any new video or photo that shall be uploaded in Google Photos will be counted as a part of the free 15 GB storage as provided by the company to the every single account holder. However, one the storage fills up, a user has two option, either to buy more storage from Google or delete the data that you think is not "that" important. Also, you need to remember that, the overall 15 GB storage that you avail is the part of Google Drive, Gmail and Photos.

You Still Have Time

It's never too late that's what Google seems to say. If you upload photos and videos before June 1, 2021, it won't count within the free 15GB storage capacity. Therefore, it is best to back up photos and videos before the mentioned date. Also, Google allows you to verify the backup. All that you need to do is visit the Photos app and sync it.


If you own Google's products Pixel 1—5, uploads from the device is fully exempted. Also, even if you upload high-quality videos and pictures from the device, you will still be exempted. On the other side, this will continue beyond the provided date. Well, Google is taking marketing seriously. Hope, this won't make Google pay a price.


Even though Google is shortening its storage value, making things more complex, the platform will now come with a brand new feature where you can pick out the pictures or videos and remove them. On the other side, Google claims that over 80% of users will still be able to store their special memories for roughly three years. Also, Google plans to implement another feature where users will be able to access another free tool in the Photos app to manage backed up videos and photos.

The tool allows you to rewind the memories and, shooting the one that you want to delete including dark, blurry, or large videos.


Google now allows subscription services for its users with a low starting price. You can buy as much cloud storage as possible at a nominal rate. This will be useful for users who have to work with the cloud system relentlessly.

Final Thought

The launch will aggressively affect users across the globe. With such a thing, Google is eyeing the market of cloud business. With 2021 nearing, Google is opening a large opportunity for cloud business across the globe.