Latest Website Features Your Site Need to Have for Ultimate Marketing

Website Designing

Are you planning to launch a website for your business, or perhaps you need to redesign your website? You should know that web design can be an overwhelming process. There's a technological advancement going on each moment. Likewise, you need to have a well-built website that provides the specific needs of your customers.

Despite innumerable variables, there are specific features of an impeccably built website. Some specialities are absolutely essential in order to deliver exceptional results. Stick with us as we put a detailed insight into features that help your business grow.

A Logical Roadmap

A website needs to be aesthetically pleasing and equally be useful. Before you go for an HTML tag, you should map out how your website would work. This is essential for both user experience and SEO. Website design companies provide wire framing to make it plural. Search engines like Google consider the content and structure of a site when ranking your website in the SERPs.

Essential Business Information

People build a website they want rather than what they need

Every website owner goes for a giant "about" page. However, most miss out on simple things like the menu, contact information and directions. Experts recommend keeping text to a minimum when it comes to a mission statement. One helpful tip is conveying your message with a comparison. For instance, if you own a motorcycle workshop, you can compare it with a cheetah for the speed and agility you guarantee.

Depending upon your business, you should have a few things that fall into the realm of "information". Every industry has its specific niche. In fact, if you are a retailer, you can run a product image, a hair salon can have client testimonials, etc.

Contact Information

Every business details finally reach to contact information. How many times have you come across contact information? In fact, how hard is it to reach out to the company? Having a contact form easily accessible and visible makes a difference. There's nothing more frustrating than being unable to get in touch with services when in need.

Never put an email address or a phone number in the form of images. The contact information should be able to be clicked on or copied right from the site. Most smartphone these days have the option “click to call” on the web.

Smooth Navigation

A website is worthless without smooth navigation. Your website development team needs to ensure that they have easy-to-understand and logical names for pages in the site – contact, about, FAQ, etc. Call to action is a significant part of the navigation. It states visitors what exactly they can do when they move across the site.


If you are a seller, you need to put some effort into securing your site with an SSL certificate. It will encrypt communications between your site and your client (i.e. Social security number, credit number). Also, this feature cuts the risk of identity theft online.

Social Media Integration

With rampant social media marketing, businesses these days can directly promote their service from their websites. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram are a few of the options that any website can integrate itself with.

Adding these platforms to your site will help boost your SEO and, equally improve your business footprint on the social web and build a following across many social platforms. Remember, social media is going to be there.


People have a lot of question but don’t have the time to search for answers. FAQ provides brief information on various subjects of your service. Therefore, FAQs are compulsory for organic traffic growth.