Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends Nobody Talks About

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital trends evolve at an exponential rate. Marketers should be aware of changes in order to adapt to emerging technologies. Digital marketing focuses on business development, lead generation and engagement of existing customers. Many businesses had faced a challenging situation during the pandemic; however, those with digital business support system had the upper hand even during such difficult times.

2021 has brought a massive revolution in online marketing. Interestingly, the pandemic opened newer marketing modules for excellent business development. Here’s what your marketer should offer

Video Marketing

By 2022, videos are expected to cover 82% of consumer traffic. An interactive video provides an opportunity to brand and engage their audience. Meanwhile, it also helps shorten the communication gap between customers and brands.

If your website includes blogs, add a short video on it. Link the video amongst the article to promote the content. Here you can add the production process or live stream. Your customers will understand what goes into the making of the product.

Email Marketing

The critical change in email campaigns relates to growth in the personalization trend. Consumers these days are interested in personalization. Meanwhile, consumers get frustrated with content that is irrelevant. Remember, they require special attention. Content relevancy with packed up facts and details about the product will make their expectations clear. This will help customers interact with your email and analyze the efficiency you provide.

Power of Content Marketing

More than 91% of companies utilize digital content marketing strategies. The top three content used by B2B marketers include

Following these trends can keep your business stand out among the ever-increasing competition. The rise in video content is worth mentioning. Recent research found out that content that doesn’t include video gets 92% less traffic. Podcasts are another attractive ways to increase popularity. This type of marketing can be used for targeting the audience with a higher-income source.

Influence Marketing

Customers are attracted to influential people with robust social media connectivity. Influencer marketing can help brand the service to a range of customers. However, we further categorize influencers as

● Mega Influencers

These may be artists, actors and social media stars with over a million followers

● Macro Influencers

These may be categorized as bloggers, journalists who reach over 10,000 - a million followers. These people specifically fall under a specific category, i.e., fashion, style, business or more.

● Micro-Influencers

These may be simple consumers and employees with a reach of 500 to 10,000 followers. They have the highest brand relevance due to their direct exposure.

Wrapping Up

Adjusting to business trends is essential for any business. However, what is necessary is to have a correct balance between the movements. When planning for a digital marketing campaign for your business, make sure the content quality provides values rather than marketing.

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