Trending Mobile App Development Features for 2020-21

Mobile App Development

Smartphones have become a vital part of our lifestyle. From morning alarms to entertainment and final update before sleep, these electronic gadgets have comprehensively turned the way we live. With over 2.1 billion users and growing, smartphones ensure seamless service.

Facts: An average adult uses phone about 264 times a day while for teenagers, it is 387.

With continuous development in technology, the use of smartphones won't go away anytime soon. However, the mobile app trend seems to be roaring. With the latest development in applications, managing day to day life has become more than comfortable than before.

Here are the trending features mobile app development ensure in the coming times.

1) AMP, Transforming Website Application

Google started to work on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) four years ago. Likewise, over the years, there has been a significant development. The separate search index for the mobile app, as announced by Google has brought a revolutionary step specifically for SEO and web applications. Not only AMP supports faster loading; it equally benefits publishers by focusing on visibility.

2) Application of AI

By the year 2018, AI had been finalized as the next significant change since the development of the algorithm. In fact, since the past three years, there has been an exponential increase in investment, i.e. 300% in the field of artificial intelligence. The AI-powered business enables the use of highly advanced analytics in solving errors. Big tech giants like Google, Facebook, IBM have already developed a platform that support AI functionality.

3) Cloud-Based Apps

Cloud technology is the latest system in the tech world. Cloud computing is exclusively used in running application. However, with the expansion of technology, we can see powerful apps fetching data from the cloud, thereby capturing minimal space in the phone. In fact, it should be interesting to know that Google Drive, Dropbox & OneDrive are just the tips of the iceberg.

4) App for Enterprise

With businesses now focusing towards digital connectivity, enterprise apps ensure flexible restructure, streamline and management of the business portfolio. Studies have shown that over 77% of business owners find enterprise app more reliable, and over 66% of them are ready to invest further. By 2021, its overall market will cross $430 billion.

5) Comprehensive Security Feature

Most of the apps are exposed to security menaces. Therefore, hackers have been misusing these issues for a very long time. With the launch of 5G technology, the exploitation will rise in large scale. In order to build a secure platform, mobile app development companies across the UK have planned to chalk out significant security changes. Likewise, the development of JavaScript framework ensures secure and scalable application development.

6) Chatbots

The application of chatbots has helped companies cut the cost of human representatives. Perhaps, chatbots stimulate the human way of conversation meeting the exact requirements. Some of the famous chatbots like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, have seen exponential market demand. Chatbot mobile apps offer innovative ways to let users interact with businesses.

Final Thought

The constant advancement in technology needs the most updated team of professionals. Get experts on board and ensure full potential to your business.