Website Development Trends That's Rising in 2022

Website Development Trends That's Rising in 2022

Web developers across the globe are future-ready. The creation of websites and applications will no longer look like before. Moreover, it will consist of a series of steps applied by all website development companies.

Design of the site itself and preparation of technical specifications

Selection of the concept, taking into account the overall customer requirement

Design development

Creation of preliminary layout pages

Addition of multimedia elements

Development and implementation of software with advanced tool integration

Testing and correction of errors if necessary

Based on the client's requirements, the website development agency in London can either change or combine into a single group. However, all these may be impossible without special techniques and trends in page design.

What has 2022 got for you?

The trend totally depends upon the needs and preferences that customers have. However, here are some of the most relevant areas any professional web development agency in London emphasizes.

Chatbots and AI

The use of AI not only offers opportunities for page promotion. It also helps to expand optionality. Here, you have the option to solve several tasks

Develop virtual assistants who can communicate with visitors

Conduct and collect analytical data necessary

Provide the ability to utilize chatbots to solve basic issues

Chatbots are expected to communicate with customers, answer their queries and help navigate the page seamlessly. This engagement ensures a high site ranking; It simplifies the overall user experience.

Utilizing PWA and AMP apps

A progressive web application or PWA enables you to view content with the help of a mobile browser as per the size of the phone. At times, the page loading speed remains high as on a stationary computer, making it possible to get more convenience when using the service.

The PWA application offers a comfortable and fast viewing of content. It also helps receive the same information about the user experience regardless of your device. Here, you can reduce the duration of the development process.

AMP is an alternative to the previous version. You get the option to speed up loading compared to the HTML option.

Voice navigation and control

Users no longer want to sit for a long search. Also, it's highly essential to have voice control. Moreover, you can reduce this process to a minimum. 30% of customers use voice control every month. Also, people are now much into smart homes, and search engine giants are actively aiming for voice control.

It should be surprising that sites or applications will use these features. The rising popularity is due to a large percentage of gadgets that have active access to this function.

Serverless architecture

The serverless architecture ensures that there's no overload. Moreover, it helps eliminate data loss or disabling the project. Calculations are generally carried out on cloud resources, enabling them to replace standard servers completely.


These are some of the web development trends you need to keep abreast of. Besides, we highly recommend implementing them now so that you're future ahead.