What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing

The internet is an integral part of our life, and the usage of internet is rising in progressive figures. Henceforth digital marketing is a platform that offers swift, secure and time-saving service enabling business growth. This platform further connects the targeted audience through various means of electronic media such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram and many more. Therefore, it has facilitated in establishing the brand value of multiple companies at a short span. Meanwhile, data shows that that internet usage will be crossing 65 per cent of the world population at the end of 2020. This gives an upper hand for digital marketing services. You should also know some exciting facts about this marketing module.

• The internet brought a retail sale of over $3.45 trillion in 2019 and is further expected to influence the market crossing $4 trillion

• The ads on the internet covered $205 billion as compared to $192 billion for television advertisement

• Over $2 billion people purchase products online

• More than $5 million google search happen each day

• Over 5 million blogs are posted on the internet every day

A digital marketer is responsible for applying various tactics so that the business stands at the SEO ranking. As websites are the gateway to the business; having a standard site will garner customers attraction. Meanwhile, there are various tools used to bring your website at the top. The digital marketing team, which includes web designers and content marketers, work together to deliver business growth.

Search Engine Optimization

Ranking of any website depends upon its SEO. As mentioned earlier, experts levy various strategies; this includes, business listings in local sites, content submission, advertisement and different other types of approach. These are apprehensive method to improve the ranking of any website. So, when you go for hiring a professional digital marketer, you can be assured that your website can overtake any of the leading sites provided you give quality support to the strategy. On the other hand, remember that SEO works on a long-term basis.

Social Media Marketing

SMM is one of the significant parts of digital marketing. As people are glued up to social media. This is an attractive field to gather influence. Being an effective tool for marketing, the major scope for business is seen on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. If you want your products or services to reach to the people, the effective implementation of your strategy will be beneficial here.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the oldest version of digital marketing. A digital marketer uses trending aspects such as individual newsletter, informational articles and website products directly to the individual. Email marketing offers a huge scope as customers are individually targeted. Moreover, email marketing is very much different from other forms of marketing.

Google Adwords

Offered by online giant Google, AdWords offers a wide perspective for the business house. It consists of multiple options to market the product. You can also avail instant digital marketing campaign. This platform is specifically designed for those who have a targeted audience. Meanwhile, it is user-friendly and anyone can operate the campaign. Google Adwords also comes in a paid module just like any other advertisement service.

Features of Digital Marketing

• It is interactive and engages various marketing methods

• Its online presence empowers virtual as well as offline markets

• Business portfolio can be either for individual or organization

• Digital marketing focuses on targeted audience increasing the ROI

Digital marketing is similar to any other marketing; however, the approach here is rather systematic and well-coordinated. The credit goes to the marketing agency for applying reliable method. Meanwhile, this platform saves your third-party expenditure. Today many digital marketing organizations offer service at a reasonable price, therefore make a wise move when selecting a digital marketing company.

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