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To survive today's competition you need to think of ways to appeal and engage your visitors in innovative ways. V1 Technologies can help you achieve this goal with help of its top notch web design and development services in London. Whether you want to build your website from scratch or want a face-lift for an existing website, our professional team will provide assistance at every step.

Mobile Friendly Website Designers

At V1 Technologies we design and development the most appealing and impressive parallax websites that are mobile responsive, SEO friendly as well as user friendly.

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Benefits of 10+ Pages Website
We develop cutting-edge parallax websites that are high in creativity, innovation and intuitiveness. Take the user experience to a whole new level with our 10+ page website development package. You will get the following benefits:
  • Display as much information as you wish on your website
  • Easy-to-navigate Static Web Pages
  • Fully Mobile & Tablet Friendly Web Design
  • Image Gallery
  • Testimonials & Reviews Page
Technology We Use

Adding faux-3D effect and layering multiple images, you can create amazing visual effects that are highly interactive and holds customer attention. To create such intuitive websites, we use technologies such as:

  • Parallax Framework
  • HTML5 Web Design
  • CSS 2.0
  • Mobile Friendly Coding
  • Responsive Web Development

10+ Pages Parallax Website Showcase

Each website has a definite purpose and at V1 technologies we strive to create websites that best serve the specific purpose for which they are built. That is why we believe in offering bespoke web development services in London, to help our clients achieve their ultimate business goals. We just don't build websites, we build brands!

Electrical Parts Web Design
India Electronics Pte Ltd

Electrical Parts Web Design

Hair And Beauty Website Design

Hair And Beauty Website Design

Professional removals company

Professional removals company

Football Academy Website Design
Progressive Football Academy

Football Academy Website Design

Online Courses Website

Online Courses Website

Iphone App for Equity Law Informations
Equity Law

Iphone App for Equity Law Informations

Healthcare iPhone App

Healthcare iPhone App

Pizza Delivery iPhone App
The Pizza Room

Pizza Delivery iPhone App

Pharmacist Iphone App
Ask A Pharmacist Limited

Pharmacist Iphone App

Buffet Restaurant iPhone App
Golden Grouse

Buffet Restaurant iPhone App

Ipad App for Criminal Law Informations
Criminal Law

Ipad App for Criminal Law Informations

Taxi Fare Calculation App
Taxi Meter - Australia

Taxi Fare Calculation App

Ipad App for Tort Law Informations
Tort Law Tutor - Free

Ipad App for Tort Law Informations

Online Flowers Ordering iPad App
V1 Flowers

Online Flowers Ordering iPad App

Juice & tasty food Restaurent
Qoozies Smoothie and Bites

Juice & tasty food Restaurent

Taxi and chauffeur service Android App
Elite Cars of Bicester

Taxi and chauffeur service Android App

Takeaways Business Owner App
Spice of Asia Owner

Takeaways Business Owner App

 Barbers and Salons Based Android App
Its That Time

Barbers and Salons Based Android App

Leadership Skills Development App
Leadership Noti

Leadership Skills Development App

Restaurants & Takeaway Android App
Bobs Finchampstead

Restaurants & Takeaway Android App

Why Choose Our 10+ Pages Parallax Website Package?

Parallax web designing involves a lot of creativity and hard work and only highly skilled developers can handle such intricate technologies. Our team of skilled and talented parallax web designers use next gen technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, to create stunning websites that hold customer attentions and help improve the conversion rates.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers, since we have been able to surpass their expectations in every way and deliver the best outcomes. So if you want to stay ahead of the competition and improve branding for your business, the 10+ pages parallax website design package from V1 Technologies is the best suited option.

Affordable Website Development

V1 Technologies offers the most affordable web development services in UK and has helped numerous small to large businesses build their brand. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and expectations and provide valuable assistance at every stage of the development process. We also offer best-in-class post development services, to make sure you keep with the competition.

What do I do next?

The easiest way to get started is to contact on of our web design experts by calling the number below or by clicking the Get a Quote button

What Do You Get?
Parallax Web Design

Our Parallax Web Designers ensure that all of your website pages are mobile and portable device friendly

The Perfect Look

5 design revisions to provide you the perfect look and feel for the website

Optional Logo Design

Optional logo design available to help you brand your business right.

Social Media Integration

Optional Social Media Integration on your website to connect you with your social network (Facebook, Twitter and Google+)

Creative Images

Free creative images to give your website design the quality and appearance it deserves

Search Engine Optimisation

Optional Search Engine Optimisation to help you drive traffic on to your website right from the start

Free Enquiry

Free enquiry form integration to help you stay updated with your customer's requirements

Meta Coding

Free meta coding to help your website talk with various search engines.

Official Email

10 official email addresses

Content Management System

Free Content Management System to help you update your site as and when you like

Blog Integration

Optional blog integration to connect with the world

Free Support

3 months free support to give you the peace of mind.

Website Maintenance

Optional website maintenance and support available with this package only for £9.99 per month

Advanced Pages Parallax Websites:

The origin of "Parallax" is Greek; it means “alteration”. Parallax concept is practiced to create astounding visual effects in web designing. Parallax websites attract site visitors by creating instant visual appeal where background moves at a different pace generally at a slower pace than the foreground using HTML5 and CSS3. These websites stand out from the rest due to ecstatic appearances and engage the audience with its viewing experience. Visitors and users consider the website more attractive because of animation and the virtual illusion of 3D. V1 Technologies help businesses with Parallax scrolling web designing for their website to immerse website visitors into the visually-appealing experience and interesting appearance. It leads to a visitor spending longer time on the site and gives owners more control in escorting the prospect through the site.

Growth Driven Web Design to Boost Sales and Brand Visibility:
V1 Technologies emphasize on Growth Driven design for your business website. Our Growth-driven web design focuses on single page layouts. In this layout, parallax web designing permits developers to squeeze more relevant SEO friendly content onto a page without any disruption in the customer experience. Since most of the internet users are impatient because of the greater number of available options, uninterrupted customer experiences are essential to increase the conversion ratio. Slow and disruptive browsing experience tends to drive away potential leads, resulting in loss of business. V1 Technologies help to engage the users by developing the best parallax websites via a combination of foreground and background images.
As the potential leads and users browse across Parallax designed content, each section that the person emphasizes is displayed in the front, while the content in the background slightly becomes obscured. Different segments of content are accentuated as the user browse through the page. This process delivers an immersive user experience and creates a "Wow effect” and stimulates them to "call to action".
This whole process might project that our services are quite exorbitant, but it is just the opposite. We provide pocket-friendly and quality parallax web design services for small, medium and large scale business. We believe in a win-win situation for both ourselves and customers and offer the best value for money without compromising on quality.

Our efficient and versatile team of V1 technologies adopts below-mentioned methods to employ Parallax design:

The Sprite Method:
We create a dynamic single image by collaborating images in pseudo-layers.

The Layer Method:
The experts of V1 Technologies generate multiple levels of layers for the foreground and background. These layers can be autonomously scrolled in two different directions, horizontal and vertical.

The Raster Method:
Lines of pixels of an image are combined and replenished starting from the top, down to the bottom.

Talk to our team today to create your own 3D Parallax based website. You can come up with your own unique design ideas, we assure to transform it into reality or we could provide our own ideas to cater to your needs. Get ready to partner with us!

Freqently Asked Questions

In a single word, web design is the process of creating a website that has mainly three components- the webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. There are numerous minor aspects. However, though the term web design is somehow interchangeable with web development, web design is a subset under web development that has a broader meaning.
In keeping with the recent requirements of businesses and the users, there is a certain type of websites which are popular recently and in vogue. These are Mobile Friendly Website with one-page, Responsive website with two to five pages, Bootstrap Website with five to ten pages, Parallax Website with more than ten pages, CMS web development, and so on.
On this type of website, the graphics play a very important role. The website layout is such that the background of the web page moves at a slow pace as compared to the foreground. It creates a 3D effect with the illusion of depth. It holds the visitor’s attention and immerses it in the visual experience while presenting in front of them a large content and a range of necessary information.
The Parallax Website offers to the user the unique Parallax Scrolling experience by 3D visual effect and the resultant illusion of depth on the screen. It can be used to get more out of a website. It can tell a story to the user keeping them more engaged along with the visual experience. This inspires the user to stay longer on the page.
Now, it takes something more than just a rich and immersing visual experience to make a Parallax website more effective. The developer needs to be creative enough so that the 3D graphics can be used to present a story to the viewer so that the whole experience can be all the more engaging. And it needs to be fast to ensure the smoothness of the experience.
You can add unlimited pages on a Parallax Website. So, the cost of development will depend on the pages you want to attach. However, in some cases, some developers offer a reasonable one-off development cost for big projects.
  • Added to the 3D visual experience, the developer creates a beautiful and engaging story by using the Parallax Design
  • good page optimization, less loading time and overall ease of use
  • Creative use of layers
  • A dedicated team only for developing Parallax Website with specialization
  • Your vision, objectives, and goals are discussed thoroughly before they are realized
  • After-sale service and maintenance are available
  • Get the best out of the Parallax Design within a reasonable budget
  • The developers in a team combine knowledge, creativity,& skill