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#1 App for Gym & Personal Trainers

V1 Fitness - a versatile app that can be used for various fitness training modalities. If you are a gym owner, fitness coach, zumba, pilates or a personal trainer, this feature filled app is for you. App is futuristic and customisable as per your needs.

Build your own brand with the V1 Fitness App and stay a step ahead of your competition.

Offers on Home Page:

The app has a customisable banner option. You can use it to advertise your latest offerings. Or highlight best performing members. It is a good option to display various batch timings, upcoming classes, and even the discounts that one must be running. The banners make the app look attractive and futuristic.

Notice Board:

The app has the option of storing pre-recorded videos. This enables the members to self train. We have taken every minute detail into account while building this app keeping the fitness industry in mind. This is also a way to develop trust amongst the patrons. These pre-recorded videos can be a part of a package itself. This will also encourage the app downloads.

Classes in Details:

Membership for every fitness program is generally customized. This app allows booking classes on the basis of subscriptions one holds. This makes it easier to manage all members from a single platform. The booking system is flawless with the date, day and time option for clarity.

Workout Videos:

The app also a section to store pre-recorded workout videos. In this manner your members can have access to the workouts at their convenience. The app also gives option to book workouts on the basis of availability of the slots. Booking a class on the basis of the membership one holds is also possible via the app. This takes away the headache of manually allotting slots to members for various batches. There is also an ease of running many batches at a time without any confusion.

Class Schedule:

The app allows to display all the classes running at once. It also shows how many slots are available. An additional feature here is that the members can book the classes as per the memberships they hold. This takes off the hard work of booking classes manually. This is a smart addition to the app that makes it stand out. A futuristic app is definitely a feather in the cap.

Membership Options:

There is an option in the app to display various membership options. A patron can directly take the membership or subscription from the app itself. There is space to mention all the details a membership offers. And obviously the app has a payment gateway integrated.

Diet Advice & Planning:

The app has a section for listing the various diet plans that one can follow. Also there is a section to add recipes. This makes the app a very well rounded fitness app that has all the aspects of fitness covered. These sections can be managed with an easy to use admin system. With the admin system you can add, edit or delete plans and recipes as per your requirement.

Profile Management:

The user can create his or her profile on the app. It will store all the details of the user in the app. This makes it easy for the user to store their favourite workout plans and access their diet plans and book sessions. The best part about this feature is that the members’ workout is at their fingertips. The booking system (on the basis of membership) allows the patrons to book slots in advance and plan their day accordingly.

My Bookings Section:

The app has a members booking management system. This can be accessed via the admin and the members can be managed from there. Have a look at the demo of the app and understand what one fitness app can encompass. This is one of the best fitness apps of its kind. It is a must have if you are a fitness trainer, yoga, zumba, or pilates trainer and even a gym owner.

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