Need To Oursource Your Telemarketing?
Don't Have The Time & Resources?
Let us build an oursourced telesales team for your business.

Outbound Calling Service

With V1 Technologies' Outbound Calling Service, you can focus on your business while we do the tedious calling jobs for you.






Outbound Tele Calling Service

Tele Sales: We have heled several small businesses "kick-start" their business with our telesales services. Our team can help you sell your products easily and quickly. An average telsales agent would normally reach out to around 200 prospects daily and statistically sell make around 2 sales on an average.

Tele Marketing: We can helo you market your idea or business easily and effectively with our expert Tele Marketing services. We will inform your target audience about your products or services just the way you would do it yourself.

Surveys: Let us help you conduct surveys that are important for your business while you continue to develop and grow your business. Tedious calling tasks like a telephone survey can be left to us. Our team can ensure we do good quality surveys while taking away the hassle from you.

Promotions: Got a new product or service? Want to spread the word around quickly and effectively? Let us do the job.

Awareness: Whether its a social cause, or a charity awareness, we can help you spread awareness for anything and everything you want to inform to your target customers.

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