Simple CMS Website Design
Simple CMS Website Design

CMS allows you to have control over your website in terms of content modification and updating. A CMS driven website can be easily modified, even if you don't have enough technical knowledge. At V1 Technologies we offer highly professional CMS website design services at the most affordable rates. So if you want to have full control over your website, take advantage of our web design and development services in UK.

CMS Website Developers

Managing content is no longer a tough a job. Now you have the ability to steer your business in the direction you want to. We use the latest technologies to develop a CMS driven website to ensure the outcome is perfectly in sync with ultimate goal.

Cms Website development

CMS Web Development

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Benefits of CMS Website Design

The major advantage of a CMS driven website is the ease and flexibility with which the owner can take control over his own website. We at V1 Technologies have the required experience and expertise to develop top quality CMS websites that offer the following benefits:

  • Control Your Web Content.
  • Update Your Website in Seconds.
  • Suitable for Businesses thet need Regular Website Updates.
  • Multiple Staff Access.
  • Database Backups.
Technology We Use

Website content management has become much easier; now you can update your websites every now and then and keep your customers informed about all the latest happenings. Our team can develop CMS driven websites across many platforms. But at the core, the technologies used are:

  • Custom PHP CMS
  • Responsive PHP Websites
  • MySQL Database
  • Responsive CMS
  • Responsive Content Management Development

Simple CMS Website Design Showcase

At V1 Technologies we have developed numerous CMS driven website that enables users to have real-time updates from their preferred brands. We provide individual attention to each project no matter how big or small it is. We have won acclaims from clients across all industries and we strive to keep up with our good work.

Website for Jewellers Business
Gopal Soni Jewellers

Website for Jewellers Business

Ecommerce website Design
Nearst Owl

Ecommerce website Design

Products and Services Based Website
Ruby Facilities

Products and Services Based Website

Used Car Dealer Website Design
Cumbernauld Car Sales

Used Car Dealer Website Design

Makeup Artist Website
Tripti Rastogi

Makeup Artist Website

Mobile Responsive Design
Easy Learning Courses

Mobile Responsive Design

Home Cleaning Services iPhone App
Squeke - Home Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services iPhone App

iPhone based Business Directory App

iPhone based Business Directory App

Iphone App for Equity Law Informations
Equity Law

Iphone App for Equity Law Informations

iPhone Based Jewellery App
GM Jewellers

iPhone Based Jewellery App

Why Simple CMS Website Design

In this information-driven economy, it is essential to offer the customers with valuable information at the right place and at the right time. Thus we develop highly sophisticated and professional CMS websites that enables our clients to have complete control over what they want their users to know.

CMS websites developed at V1 Technologies don't only look good; they are feature rich and offer best user experiences.

Why V1 Technologies for CMS Website Design?

At V1 Technologies we have the best talents and the most experienced web developers, who have the capability to develop CMS driven websites that offer hassle-free content management without any technical help. Simple and user-friendly control panels and easy to understand user-interface will aid quicker modifications and offer better control over your website.

What do I do next?

The easiest way to get started is to contact on of our mobile design experts by calling the number below or by clicking the Get a Quote button

What Do You Get?
Creative Web Design

Your website designed by one of our creative web designers using our database of Template web designs

The Perfect Look

5 design revisions to provide you the perfect look and feel for the website

Optional Logo Design

Optional logo design available to help you brand your business right.

Social Media Integration

Free Social Media Integration on your website to connect you with your social network (Facebook, Twitter and Google+)

Creative Images

Free creative images to give your website design the quality and appearance it deserves

Search Engine Optimisation

Optional Search Engine Optimisation to help you drive traffic on to your website right from the start

Free Enquiry

Free enquiry form integration to help you stay updated with your customer's requirements

Meta Coding

Free meta coding to help your website talk with various search engines.

Official Email

10 official email addresses

Content Management System

Free Content Management System to help you update your site as and when you like

Blog Integration

Optional blog integration to connect with the world

Free Support

3 months free support to give you the peace of mind.

Website Maintenance

Optional website maintenance and support available with this package only for £19.99 per month

Website Design Services

Freqently Asked Questions

Web designing is the process of creating a website by working on components like the webpage layout, content production, and graphic designing. However, the overall layout of the page determines the colour, the text style, the final graphics and images, and the overall representation of both the text and graphics and the necessary combination of white spacing. However, the actual job involves much intricate skill and knowledge and numerous minor issues and aptly to be handled by a professional.
However, as per the broad categorization, there are mainly two types of websites. These are Static and CMS Websites, ecommerce, and open source websites. However, each of the categories has some specializations. For example, the Static and the CMS Websites include Simple CMS Website Design and Advanced SMS Website Design and many other specialized services.
In a simple CMS Website, you have control over your website regarding the content modification whenever you need it without any formal technical knowledge like coding. You can upgrade your business according to your necessity.
There are several ways you can make a CMS Website. However, here are some important technologies.
  • Custom PHP CMS
  • Responsive PHP Website
  • MySQL Database
  • Responsive CMS
  • Responsive Content Management
  • As the contents are easier to upgrade and can be done anytime, you can always do it to direct the path of your business whenever you want
  • You have the scope to use the latest technology so you achieve the desired business goal
  • Updating your website is going to take less time
  • You can have your database backup
  • Keeping it simple so that change can be anytime to get a competitive advantage over the market
  • Keep it free from unnecessary elements so it can load faster giving the user a smooth experience
Getting a Simple CMS Website is an easy thing. You can get it developed at a low and a reasonable cost.
  • The strategized targeted solution to offer a smooth user experience
  • A customized website as per your need
  • The latest technologies are used like WordPress
  • The customization options are created and the system is properly conveyed to the owner
  • Promotion of the website is offered
  • Your website will reflect your vision
  • A dedicated team to develop your Simple CMS Website so that no part of it is neglected
  • Your requirements are visions are realized by the professional developers
  • SEO based contents are used to optimize the search engine results
  • Post-sale service is available
  • Training is available for the user of a Simple CMS Website