Looking for Remote Printing Solutions?
That work using API and Thermal Printers?
We have just what you need!

Remote Printing Solutions

Our API Based Thermal Printing Solutions can be applied and implemented in various industries such as:




Taxi Business

Bars & Pubs

Easy API Integration + Affordable Hardware = Happy You

Suppose you are one of those businesses where customers order remotely, and you need to start preparing to fulfill the order immediately. In that case, a remote printing solution is almost a necessity for you. Fortunately for you, we have the solution ready to go.

The four reasons why our Remote Printing Solution is loved by restaurants, takeaways, salons, taxi drivers, and many other businesses:

Affordable Hardware:

Our remote printing solutions start from £300 + VAT and come ready to be used on the go. With just about 10 minutes of setup, you can get started immediately.

API Based Integration:

If you are a developer or programmer and need a server-based printing solution for your client, we have it ready. Integrating is as easy as 10 minutes with complete documentation and sample codes.

Low Monthly Charges:
With only £5 per month for as many prints as you like, our charges are the lowest you can find. We are confident that we can beat or match any quote on a like-to-like basis if you can find it cheaper.

No Hidden Charges:
What we say is what we charge. Period.

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