Meet Our Team

V1 = Version 1. Your Starting Point for Technology!

V1 was founded with an objective to help businesses become technologically advanced and offer better user experiences to their users. At V1 Technologies, we work towards offering high quality solutions at the most affordable prices, so that businesses, both large and small can benefit from our services.

We have successfully launched over 200 apps and at the core of our success is a great team that works together to create success stories.

Let's meet our team!


Vineet is a graduate in Business Management and Post-Graduate in Business Process Outsourcing.

He founded V1 Technologies in the year 2011 with a view to provide World Class technology solutions to small and medium businesses.

He is full of creative ideas and has helped several startups grow into successful online businesses. He is analytical when it comes to client requiremennts and can easily spot problem areas and suggest positive solutions. He writes for pleasure, travels for knowledge and photographs for hobby.

Vineet is a proud dad and loves to spend all the time he can with his daughter Veerica.

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Technology Advisor

Ruby is the driving force behind all the innovation at V1 Technologies. A graduate in Business Administration and a Masters in Information Technology, she is the backbone of V1.

Having worked with large enterprises including Accenture, LLoyds and British Sky Broadcasting, she has immense knowledge and expertise in her field of work. Ruby loves to travel and spend time with daughter, Veerica.

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A graduate in Marketing and Post-Graduate in International Marketing, Mohit joined V1 Technologies in 2017. He has helped V1 Technologies push the boundaries beyond the British geography.

Mohit has helped V1 Technologies extend its operations in India. He is in charge of managing the operations in India.

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Sudip, a graduate in Commercial Marketing, has over 15 years of experience in marketing 'Technology Services'. Sudip joined V1 technologies in 2017 in the Sales Wing and has since been playing a pivotal role in the success of the company.

He also initiated the Client Support team to offer round the clock assistance to our clients. Having worked for top organisations in Eastern India, Sudip has an in-depth knowledge of business and compliances in India. Sudip's contribution towards streamlining the delivery processes is immense and we are proud to have him as a team member.

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Busines Development - USA

Ritesh is a young and dynamic individual with strong customer-centric skills. He is currently leading our operations in the USA and Canada as we continue to grow across continents.

His physical presence in the Greater New York City area, ensures an uninterrupted customer service in the East Coast of the USA. His expertise in handling clients and customer services has resulted in uplifting customer experience and satisfaction levels at V1 Technologies USA.

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Creatives at V1

Abhijit is the backbone of all our creative artwork at V1 Technologies. If it looks good, its Abhijit's work !

Abhijit is good at visualising how a Mobile App or Website should look and function and has done some really commendable designs for our Top Clients. His experience in Graphics is second to none.

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Mobile App Experts