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Don't Have The Time & Resources for Customer Service?
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Inbound Customer Service

Keeping up with the customer expectation can become difficult at times. V1 Technologies allows you to focus on your business while we will dedicate ourselves to manage your calls and strengthen customer relationships with top notch Inbound Customer Service/ Marketing UK.



Billing &



Inbound Calls Management (Outsourcing) Services

Customer Service: We help businesses manage their inbound calls efficiently and economically. We understand customer satisfaction is crucial for a business to grow and this is why we offer the best customer services for your customers. Make huge savings by outsourcing your incoming calls to V1 Technologies. Get a quote today!

Inbound Sales: Our team of expert inbound sales agents ensure high conversion ratios. Our team of experts are capable enough to convert maximum number of potential leads into sales enquiries. We let you focus on your business processes while we work hard to increase the sales and help your business grow.

Billing & Account Enquiries: Billing and accounting enquiries are normal for any business. An average business receives minimum of 3 calls per customer per year for billing. Let us handle these inbound billing and account calls on behalf of your company.

Technical Support Calls: Do you offer technical products or services? Phew! The amount of inbound calls you would receive is unimaginable and oftentimes hard to manage. Let us handle all your inbound technical support queries to help you serve your customers better.

Information Line: Avail our inbound information call management services, should your business be one that expects a lot of incoming calls for information purposes.

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