Android App Development
Android App Development

The most popular mobile platform of the world, there are around 1.6 million apps in the Google Play store. And its user base is rising every day. Now think about its potential for your business. You can reach out millions of users of this ever growing community with your Android apps. It definitely makes a great deal of sense to invest on this platform.

Android app development service helps you create the right kind of application to skyrocket your business revenue. Our team of highly skilled and passionate Android app developers not only helps you conceptualise your application, but also plan, test and launch them successfully.

Android App Development

Cheap, yet professionally developed Android Apps to allow your business reach further to billions of Google Android Users worldwide.

Android App Design & Development

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Android App Development
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Why Android App Development

We are a leading mobile app design company London that believe in creating applications that deliver results. The app market is highly competitive and to generate revenue, your Android application must standout for its function, usability and user retention. But that requires a seamless mobile app development service. V1 Technologies is committed to provide that.

Our Android application developers are well-versed with Google's specifications. This, combined with our clear understanding of user expectations makes us your perfect partner for Android app development services.

What do I do next?

Want to grow your business reach to billions of Google Android Users worldwide? The easiest way is to call us right now at +44 203 372 5310. You can also fill out the Contact Us form and we will get back to you within 48 business hours.

Mobile App Design in UK
We are living in the best of times. There is no denying the fact that newer advancements in technology and science have made our lives better than our ancestors. Research reveals that we have generated more data in the past few years than in the past millennia. Data for anything is available at our fingertips. Rapidly expanding businesses have to embrace newer technologies or risk being left on the sidewalk. You need to develop the ease of business for your customers. The demand of the industry is focussing more on retaining customers and gaining a steady stream of new customers. By focusing on a few primary steps, you could opt for a mobile app design that presents your business in a never seen light to the users.

Good Impression

First impressions last a long time. Any business needs to create a great impact with a good impression at the very first time of asking. Smart positioning of your business and helping customers understand the USP of your business is paramount. You need to present all that is good about the business and how you move in the niche that makes you stand apart. Creating an impression upfront using your business app highlights everything about your business at a glance. The app itself becomes the embodiment of your business. Create that unfaltering impression at the first attempt itself by taking help from mobile app designers by creating a flawless mobile app design in UK.


Smart looking interfaces highlight the unique approach of your business. Meaningful typography and smart layout influence the user. Improving on small details creates value. Usage of colour and easy -to-read fonts present the app in a better light. The better the interface of the app the better the business is positioned in front of the user. Attention to minute details creates a vivid picture in front of the user, inadvertently the superb navigation is bound to create user delight. This delight goes a long away to establish a business in the user's mind. A delighted user becomes a customer with little persuasion.

Accurate Icons

Icons used in the app play a vital role in establishing a visual impact on the user. Semantically placed icons with accurate cryptography will improve user experience. Strategic placing of icons helps better navigation. Popup-free navigation leads to multiple facets of the apps. The more a user navigates, the better their experience of the business and that is how they stand to benefit from them. Mobile app design in UK have become the obvious for each business.

You can come with a designer who can create a good mobile app design in UK but for a great app, call on V1 technologies UK. V1 Technologies is renowned for developing the best mobile app designs in the UK. They come with the expertise of many man hours developing the best apps in the market. Keen intellect and unfaltering desire drive them to deliver that extra edge in their each and every development. They are new age people who understand user preference like no other. They help a business to create a seamless amalgamation of its virtual and real world principles. Trust design and development from V1 Technologies to always deliver on your commitments.

What do I do next?

Want to grow your business reach to billions of Google Android Users worldwide? The easiest way is to call us right now at +44 203 372 5310. You can also fill out the Contact Us form and we will get back to you within 48 business hours.

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