App Store Optimization and How It Benefits Your Business

App Store Optimization

Getting your mobile app discovered by potential clients is the biggest challenge most business holders face regularly. While there are over 6 million mobile apps in various app stores, understanding the power of app store optimisation will keep you ahead in the competition. In fact, ASO is overlooked more than usual. Once you launch an app, you need to start working towards its optimisation quickly.

What Is App Store Optimization?

ASO is a process to rank your mobile app higher on the app search result page. The greater your app ranks in the search result, the more visible it becomes to potential customers. However, ASO requires a crucial understanding of the target base.

ASO for Marketing

A simple search in the app store may drive 67% of app downloads. Searching within the app store is a common way to discover and download new apps. If your app isn't optimised well, it won't appear even in relevant searches, losing potential downloads.

However, improving and updating your app will reap an immense fortune in the long run. ASO ensures your app stays visible amongst relevant searches.

Absolute Benefits Of ASO

If you devote more time to your app store optimisation, here are the benefits you can instantly avail

• Organic Installation of App

If you have a refined strategy, the organic install will start increasing. The best thing here is, it's absolutely free of cost. On running strategic optimisation, the site will rank higher for different search results, improve the visibility and enhance organic downloads, all under low cost.

• Promote to Relevant Users

There's no point in promoting the app to those who aren't looking for it. ASO directly promotes your application to customers who are relevant to your business. When running an app, you need to use the exact keywords that your target user is searching. Make sure the app description explains what the app does or what category it falls. Not working on these factors may reduce the chance of getting your app to the right user.

• Enhanced Revenue

You have the option to monetise your app through various techniques. This may be in the form of ads, subscription, in-app purchase and more. ASO will benefit you with increased business revenue from all the extra downloads you have received.

Methods of ASO

There are two common methods to optimise your mobile app. These are

1) Keyword Optimisation

Keyword optimisation is a process where you research, analyse and lay keyword. You can easily target traffic from the search engine to your website. Also, you can predict the needs and demands as per the market. Further steps include

2) Asset Optimisation

Asset optimisation is a type of sales optimisation. It consists of attractive screenshots, promo videos, icons, etc. A user generally views the screenshot, icon and video at first glance. If these factors look aesthetic, the user may download the app. Some of the tools that help to test for app optimisation includes

Final Wrap

If you have an app and want an app promotion, you need to work on your app store optimisation. It is a continuous process and requires timely tracking and testing.