Does Your Ecommerce Business Have These “Must Have” Features?

Does Your Ecommerce Business Have These “Must Have” Features?

More and more numbers of customers are now getting accustomed to shopping online. Therefore, businesses should respond to meet the demands of changing market urgently. An e-commerce software development agency can be instrumental in helping create an online store with excellent customer experience. Also, you have the option to showcase your brand in the best light for online consumers.

Ecommerce platforms, large or small are now dedicated to run on mobile devices to enhance their end-user experience. The robust technology infrastructure with advanced mobile app development offers everything that you might be searching for.

Fact: Mobile wallet payment summed to $75 billion in the year 2016, they are expected to cross the mark of $500 billion by 2021.

However, the prime challenge that e-commerce business faces is to stand out with an engaging and interactive app. Therefore, V1 Technologies cater to such users' requirements by developing advanced mobile apps for e-commerce business.

Here are some critical features that your e-commerce platform should embrace for a compatible user experience.

Swift & Uncomplicated Registration Process

Customers are tired of filling lengthy form asking personal details. You need to make things short and crisp. Only include fields and facilities that are essential. People move away quickly from apps that collect time-consuming information for a causal registration.

Diverse Payment Alternatives

Customers come from different dimensions; therefore, it's imperative to allow numerous payment systems. However, remember, a safe and secure payment system allows customers to seek service regularly.


One of the essential things to consider is screen size and content. Mobile screens have restricted space, and your developer needs to make sure that the application and the content do not look cramped up on the device. Design that aspires to look undemanding and well-organized is an excellent solution for a user-friendly experience.

Precise Analytics

Your e-commerce platform has a goal, and that's togenerate revenue. Therefore, analytics is one significant factor that your app needs to possess. Analyzing spot on user behavior and purchasing pattern on your mobile app is of supreme value. Areas such as session time, cost of product sales conversion, CTR offer details about precise consumer behaviour, generating a boost in the revenue system.

Push Notifications

Push notification is valuable when interacting with users as they get them back to your online store effortlessly. Market your product arrivals, discounts, offers or left out products with the help of push notifications. This will further encourage pressing action.

Social Media Accounts

Use Facebook/Instagram to enable customers to utilize their social media logins and, easily sign in to the application. Allow them to stay signed in. This allows them to retrieve their credentials swiftly.

Running Loyalty Programs

There are many e-commerce service provider and the only way to grab leads is by rewarding them. Today e-commerce giants reward their customers by gathering points. This can be either by shopping for products or winning discounts. Steering loyalty through a mobile app is an intelligent move. Other areas that you can focus on includes encouraging downloads and enhancing its usage.

Swift Return Policy

Sometimes online shopping can be complicated, and many products get to depart from what they thought it would be i.e., wrong size, colour, and, etc. When running an online business, a seamless return policy is very significant. Simple return process with quick check-out makes your service more reliable.

Final Wrap

Above were some of the best ways to make a strong business presence in the digital world. These features steer sales and increase revenue for your business. V1 Technologies is a leading e-commerce app development company based in the UK and if you are looking for the above-featured app, contact us now.