4 Benefits of a Mobile Optimised Website Design

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With the excessive use of smart phones by today’s generation, it has become imperative to have a mobile presence for businesses. A mobile website or a website which is optimised for mobile phones will help users to access the website without any hindrance. Also, as per Google’s mobile friendly algorithm update in the year 2015, Google boosts the rankings of websites which are mobile friendly. Hence, the requirement to launch a new website or redesign an old website has increased manifolds. Mobile optimised website design is in vogue now.

As per research conducted by Statista, nowadays, an average of 52.2 percent of the internet searches is conducted via mobile phones. The global internet traffic is going mobile for all the good reasons. So, for a business owner, it has become extremely important to spread out the message about the existence of your company and reach out to more and more people.

Here are the top reasons for going for a mobile optimised website design.

1. Great Navigational Experience

If your business website is mobile friendly, it will undoubtedly offer a great navigational experience to all the users when they access it from their mobile device. As people carry their smart phones with them all the time, it becomes easy for them to hit a search query through the mobile phone. Here, a mobile friendly website will rank higher on the search results while offering a great navigational experience to the user.

2. Faster Website Loading Time on The Smart Phone

A mobile optimised website will load faster on the screen of a mobile device, eventually enhancing the experience of the user. In this fast-paced life, no one wants to wait for a website to load on the screen. Also, it becomes difficult while navigating from one page to another.

3. Increased Time Spent on The Website

When a website offers optimum performance on the mobile phone, users tend to spend more time on it as they read the information on the page and explore more. Good user experience will increase the time spent on the website when access through a mobile device.

4. Advantage Over Your competitors

This is the most important part about going for a mobile optimised website design. You will have an advantage over your competitors if your business website is mobile optimised. You will also have the advantage of having the audience spend more time on the website which will increase the chances of sales conversion, eventually increasing the ROI.

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