Health & Fitness Apps Continues to Lead in 2022

Health & Fitness Apps Continues to Lead in 2022

With nationwide lockdown and social distancing rules, a number of health and fitness companies are now targeting customers with the latest health and fitness app. Interestingly, all the verticals have seen a significant rise in downloads. Swathes of users transitioned from going to the gym to working out at home. Therefore, the Gym app has been on the rise since then. While it's true that gyms and fitness centres have started to function, the fitness app still helps you power your business.

Growth in application usage

More than 97,000 health and fitness apps are available for mobile and tablet devices. Smartphone users have smooth access to health-associated information from their devices. Moreover, the fitness and personal trainer app is expected to grow by US$3.50 billion between 2022 and 2024.

Application categories

Here, we'll focus on defining the features of excellent fitness apps.

Workout plans and personal training

The workout app offers guidelines that your users can stick to. These types of apps may vary the exercise methods and keep users motivated and engaged. You can also get a clear and concise demo per what you seek.

There is a Gym app where users can create their own workout while setting routines. However, it's essential to be accessible for users even after the workout is completed.

Tracking activity

With the activity tracking monitorization, you can closely watch the user's activity, including sleep patterns and running times. One such example is that of Google Fit. Basically, the app can work with other apps to give a holistic experience.

Another significant feature is geolocation. Here, you have access to the best running routes and present a map visualization of the user's latest run.


Some fitness apps may need to track a user's diet and monitor and optimize their nutrition. This is a significant function, and users can track all their offerings. Besides, you can offer a free calorie counter and exercise journal where you can scan barcodes and keep track of their calories consumption with ease.

Health tracker apps offer statistics and advice to present a user's statistics. However, things need to look pretty compelling. You can utilize gamification in order to keep users engaged. Regardless of whichever feature you go for, when building a Gym app, make sure you can set the users goal. Besides, it's an integral part of the user experience, and there's no one-size-fit-for all here.

What are the User App Features?

● Schedule or Book a Session

● Home Workout Section

● Exercises Video Library

● Diet & Recipe Section

● Online PT Features

● Fully customizable Home Screen Design

● Creation of your profile option for Gym and Personal Training

● Rate Function and many more features

Reach out to the target audience

After the app launch, defining the target market is a critical step. It's absolutely true that there are many apps available for fitness; however, when you're able to identify what makes the product unique, your app will stay at the top.